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An exercise bike is a piece of equipment that is very similar to a bicycle and is thought to cycle indoor. This type of equipment enables a full-body workout and allows to train even in winter time when it’s hard to practice any kind of sports outside. Modern exercise bikes meet as the needs of beginners as those of professional athletes. The most basic models allow to control the effort while cycling by adjusting the level of resistance, are endowed with displays and allow to monitor specific parameters such as the burnt calories, the km cycled and the heart frequency. Professional exercise bikes, on the other hand, are conceived for frequent users. They are endowed with adjustable seat, an ergonomic handlebar and a screen showing all necessary parameters for self-evaluation. Over the years, exercise bikes have become more and more efficient and have featured increasingly advanced characteristics which have made them complete and functional pieces of equipment. At present they are among the most used sports equipment both at the gym and for home training. Their ease-of-use together with the possibility to use them when and how it is more convenient, make exercise bikes ideal to match all needs.

The essential qualities of exercise bikes

What qualities should an exercise bike have? The first one to consider is the typology. There are several models of exercise bikes and each one of them features specific characteristics that make them more or less able to match certain needs. Secondly, the frame. For an exercise bike to perform ideally it needs to be robust, steady and made of top quality materials. Comfort is fundamental too. A seat can be more or less comfortable, according to the extent it can be adjusted in height and/or depth; the handlebar can be adjustable in height and tilted to be adapted to the user’s size; eventually wheels allow to move the bike and put it back more easily. Weight and size also matter when choosing such a product. Small-sized models or even a folding exercise bike are more suitable for small spaces. Furthermore, if the bike needs to be moved often, a lightweight one is more recommended.

Models of exercise bikes for all needs

A good quality exercise bike has a motorized resistance control, a smooth cycling, a seat that is adjustable in height and a control panel where to view basic information, including speed, the km cycled, duration of the workout, the average calories burnt. But how many models of exercise bikes are there? The vertical exercise bike is absolutely the most traditional. It is an ordinary exercise bike for the room use, with an adjustable seat that adapts to diverse needs. Horizontal exercise bikes are larger in size and feature a sturdier and heavier frame. The difference with vertical exercise bikes is that it is possible to ride in a seating position, that is why this bike features a comfortable anatomic seatback. Together with being used as a normal bike, electric exercise bikes can also be connected to an electric plug. This activates a guided exercise that helps moving the upper or lower limbs. A magnetic exercise bike is endowed with a resistance that is triggered by the action of two magnets that reduce the speed of the fly-wheel. The higher the resistance, the greater the physical effort. The electromagnetic exercise bike, on the other hand, works through the action of an electromagnet controlled by a small computer built-in the bike. Each and every single element can be controlled in such models, what makes them especially ideal for professional users.

Technology and comfort: all the benefits of an exercise bike

We can say with no hesitance that exercise bikes allow for comprehensive workouts thanks to which the physical effort interests the entire body. As a consequence, this sort of exercise is recommended to loose weight, as well as for slimming down or toning up specific parts of the body. On top of that this exercise also benefits the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. A regular workout strengthens the heart and lungs and improves global wellness. ... More ... less

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