Estiluz CIRC T-3825 Acoustic LED ceiling lamp

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CIRC T-3825 By Estiluz


Acoustic LED ceiling lamp

Acoustic panels combined with light create a decorative cloud to reduce noise.‎ Acoustic panels are flush mounted to the ceiling.‎ 
LED 5x6,1W
2700K / Ang.‎120o / >90CRI / 350mA ) 100V - 240V / Typ 5x565 lumens
Dimmable Triac
Glass shade
Finish Acoustic Panel: P.‎E.‎T.‎ felt

Each and every Circ model evokes lightness, due to a wise combination between the luminous sphere of the lamp and the wrought iron of the supports, which stylizes the whole.‎ The models with cable radiate dynamism and balance, thanks to the contrast between lines and curves.‎ An ounce of wisely dosed asymmetry reminds us of the pirouettes of the ropedancers: impossible, elegant, always aesthetically pleasing.‎ Funambulists are graceful, for sure, but also incredibly resilient.‎ When they spin suspended in the air, their nimbleness will marvel us, but if we watch them closely, we will notice beneath their skin the strong musculature performing the miracle.‎
Similarly, Circ by Estiluz lamps adapt to the requirements of the space it must illuminate.‎ The
outdoor models, which are also ideal for indoor lighting, have a resistant polyethylene lampshade, which keeps them impeccable even if exposed to the most adverse weather conditions.‎ If you’d rather
choose the unmistakable shine of glass, the indoor Circ collection will meet your expectations.‎
Now lightning design experts Daniel Vila and Ester Pujol, founders of Nahtrang interior design studio, are joining theses circus tributes.‎ Their latest creation for Estiluz, the Circ collection, has garnered unanimous applause of minimalism lovers, who cherish its elegance and simplicity.‎
Circ Collection clean lines are made for minimalovers.‎ Calm lighting, but worthy of the big show
of the world.‎

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Circ Collection by Estiluz
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