Ergon by Emilgroup STONE TALK 20mm

Porcelain stoneware outdoor floor tiles with stone effect

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Porcelain stoneware outdoor floor tiles with stone effect


Porcelain stoneware

A reflection on the primitive and minimalist form of stone and on the different finishes that originate from the different ways of working this material: this is what inspired the Stone Talk collection.
The result is an “archetypal” stone, a shining star, yet discreet at the same time, destined to assume different appearances in surfaces depending on the way it is worked.
Stone Talk features the authenticity and the ability to pick up and focus on the most surprising details of stone working, able to illustrate and enhance the physical side of a work of architecture: concrete, essential, functional. Each process transforms the stone, making it ideal for different uses.
A complete collection of elements that creates a harmonious dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces, and technical to the point of passing all international standards required by modern design.
Minimal Version:
from the careful selection of rigorous stone surfaces comes Minimal; elegant and precious in the semi-polished version, minimalist and functional in the technical version.
Martellata Version:
The hammered version comes about from the hammering process on the most veined surfaces of the stone. The texture thereby assumes a new fluid and varied dynamic.
In the technical version, the surface has outstanding anti-slip properties, making it perfect for public and private outdoor areas.
Rullata Version:
with a grooved and faceted effect on the surface obtained through the rolling process, this version assumes a three-dimensional look with a strong visual impact, particularly ideal for wall tiles.
Each version is developed in a colour range of 5 shades, where white is the element that, by contrast and complementary nature, combines with both warm shades and with cold tones.

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MINIMAL // 60x60 x 20mm
MARTELLATA // 50x100 x 20mm
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Stone Talk Collection by Ergon by Emilgroup
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