edra STAND BY ME Upholstered fabric bed

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Upholstered fabric bed

Stand By Me is a double bed composed by two “smart” cushions that can be individually tilted from the headboard , adding further comfort to the soft padding that covers the entire structure.‎ Generous volumes and extremely soft, thick coverings.‎
Maximum comfort.‎ Perfect for sleeping, resting.‎ But also to read, browse the tablet, watch television.‎ The elegance of this bed is essential and soft.‎ It always remains intact, however you use it.‎
Stand by Me is the ideal bed for any style.‎ It fits well in a contemporary bedroom as well as  in a classic one.‎ The simple lines and proportions, together with the wide range of coverings available, make it elegant and always welcome, at night and during the day.‎

The smart cushion is a brand - new concept of relax, it represents years of reflections, studies and technological research.‎
The secret is inside, hidden to view but of immediate use.‎ Joints in special materials allow you to shape it as you prefer: it can be pulled up or down, it can take the position that is most suitable to the purpose at that time, simply and effortlessly, thanks to  a slight hand pressure.‎
Whether as a backrest or as an armrest, through these hidden mechanisms that are true masterpieces of engineering, the smart cushion offers outstanding comfort and suits your idea of comfort.‎
Tested simulating a continuous use of years , it is perfectly wear-proof:  functionality and technology are combined to achieve the best comfort.‎
Edra has always been committed to technological research, and in 2004 patented Gellyfoam®, a next generation material that represents the most advanced reference point in terms of  comfort.‎
Gellyfoam® is a special foam that combines softness with support; it is unlike a spring that  pushes back,  but a material that will always welcome you in the best way.‎
It offers superior comfort and relax.‎ Gellyfoam® is an exclusive technology by Edra.‎
Edra puts man, the highest wishes about comfort and relax, at the centre, and every day edra works towards that goal.‎ Edra comfort is an extraordinary dimension of life, which can be presented in many different ways, but always at the highest level.‎
Craftmanship is an essential working method to provide edra’s quality, the oldest and newest one, and it is through craftsmanship that knowledge is handed down: work is done according to a high-tech project, while thinking back to the good manual skills that have always existed here in Tuscany.‎ 

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