Disegno di Legno TABLE SOLO Rectangular wooden table

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TABLE SOLO By Disegno di Legno


Rectangular wooden table

SOLO is a table where tradition and contemporaneity come together.‎ A combination that, thanks to its essential lines, reveals unexpected details: the central hollow – serving as an attractive aesthetic element or a practical cable hole- or the storage drawer - classic, but reimagined - while the textures, colours and manufacturing combine into unexpected geometries to please the eye.‎

The drawer, with the memory-blue coating typical of the SOLO collection, is useful for small objects to be kept within easy reach, while the central hollow is designed to be a cable hole if the table is used as a workstation.‎ The opening can be easily closed over with the provided insert, to be more practical and used daily as a dinner table.‎ A word of advice: opt for an informal mise en place, with placemats, so that you can fully enjoy the aesthetics, colours and texture of the surface.‎

The wood, boards and essences of Fiemme Tremila floors come alive with an unexpected verticality, take shape and three-dimensionality, giving life to SOLO collection.‎ A new way of conceiving wood furniture.‎ This name evokes purity, simplicity and the nature itself of this collection made only – solo, in Italian – with biocompatible wood.‎

Beauty, simplicity and elegance are the signature styles of aledolci&co studio.‎ In this collection which merges colours, lines and shapes, the volumes define the space and, at the same time, are redefined by them.‎ Compartments, containers and shelves enhance the surfaces, their textures and colours, and become an opportunity for display, storage and narration.‎

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