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Lighting is paramount to perform at study or at work and natural light is not always enough to carry out precision activities such as writing or drawing. In some cases, the diffused light cast on a room by suspended lamps risks creating unpleasant shadows that can disturb our work, especially at night. An extra source of light can thus be of help in the working daily routine and enables to further focus. This is why desk lamps are a fundamental tool for students and workers who spend long hours on books or in front a laptop screen. Table lamps can also play an aesthetic function. As a matter of fact, many designs feature fine lines of a great aesthetic value, able to add a hint of exclusiveness to the office as well as to the home working spaces.

Models and functions of desk lamps

The options to choose from are plenty and particularly oriented towards functionality. The most versatile are adjustable desk lamps and clamp lamps that are directly mounted on the worktop. Generally, these types of lamps feature an adjustable arm that can be entirely flexible or characterized by several joints allowing for the lamp to be extended or swung upwards or downwards. The lampshade is normally adjustable too, so to aim the light where needed. This is normally the favorite lamp of people whose work entail a lot of writing or reading, or creative precision activities such as drawing or painting. If you work a lot on the computer, it is helpful to have a desk lamp with indirect light that does not dazzle or create disturbing reflections on the screen. The same result can be obtained by pointing a swivel lamp towards a reflecting surface such as a white wall. Otherwise, it is enough to place a classic desk lamp with a lampshade in fabric or glass on the worktop. Besides serving as an extra source of light, it will double as an elegant and sophisticate addition to the room.

Desk lamps: materials and trends

Finding the lamp that suits our needs once placed on our desk is quite of a hard matter. Such a lamp needs to be a product of good quality, casting an adjustable, pleasing and precise beam of light not dazzling or bulky. The material the light fixtures is made of also plays an impact on the surrounding setting and atmosphere. In a classic and refined office context, the most recommended are metal or wood desk lamps with glass shade or fabric lampshades in colors ranging from ivory, dove-gray, black or white. Linear and essential lines, often in metal, are a must for table lamps to be inserted in spaces with a contemporary style. A current trend are vintage and industrial lamps that easily adapt to both modern and traditional contexts. There are also brushed steel desk lamps, usually supporting LED lighting system, which are ideal in modern furnishing; aluminum lamps, light and practical, an optimal solution for indoors with a contemporary flair; models in lacquered metal, great to bring in an industrial twist to the studio or office.

How to choose a desk lamp?

What are the hallmarks a table lamp cannot miss? No doubt that the beam of light in a lamp cannot be underrated; this needs to be adjustable based on the specific needs. There are modern and linear table lamps, together with more classic and traditional ones. Be it design desk lamps or more vintage and rustic, what really counts is their functionality and ability to ensure all work and study-related activities are performed at the best and with no fatigue. Another main aspect to be considered is the source of light. In this sense, the choice is between LED desk lamps and halogen desk lamps. LED light is at current the favored option due to its considerable power efficiency that results in a lower environmental impact and a longer lifespan of the bulb. Halogen bulbs, on their hand are more convenient but have a shorter life cycle and always need a transformer to be used.
It is a matter of choosing the style that best suit the study area in your house, that is to be enjoyed with pride and satisfaction. And with a distinctive touch of personality too. This is the reason why designers and lighting experts take increasing care in developing models of table lamps that look at market trends, especially in the domain of interior design. Each project developer is aware they have to reach a subtle and well balanced compromise between the lamp style and its functionality to properly enlighten the surrounding space; in order to foster productivity while working and keeping the focus high; to be more concentrated while studying; to enjoy even better your spare time, filling it with relaxing moments or an interesting read. This is why the market of design table lamps is that rich and glowing and one that is able to meet any kind of taste, style and demand.

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