Decorative radiators

Traditional heaters have been replaced by decorative radiators, in their diverse shapes and materials and apt to be mounted both vertically and horizontally. Progresses in technology and design have changed the classical perception on these elements, leading to customize the environment with design radiators that play the double function of heating the room and enriching it as fully-fledged decorative elements. Design radiators are made of classic materials such as painted aluminum and glazed or brushed stainless steel, but also of innovative materials ranging from steel to carbon, from ceramic materials to titanium, until including a peculiar finishing reproducing a leather-like effect. The configuration of design radiators resembles that of heaters. They are made of collectors and radiating pipes inside which the water flows. They are directly connected to the heating system by means of sleeves, thus allowing heat production to increase within a space, since the heating surface is larger than that of a traditional radiator.

A wide array of materials for a bathroom radiators that looks at the details

Decorative radiators are mainly conceived for the bathroom, with an aim to warm up towels and clothes, as suggested by their second name, “towel warmers”. A towel warmer is the alternative to classic heating systems. The different sizes ad finishes combined with the various power options, make this complement ideal to fit any contemporary furnishing. If you wish to set up a modern bathroom, chrome towel warmers, available in different materials, are the best option. Sleek reflecting surfaces merge well with the furnishing, as in the case of ceiling or wall-mounted mirrored towel warmers, that besides warming the space adorn it with details and sophisticate effects. A different effect is achieved with floor towel warmers, which mobile version allow to be moved from one room to another. The real novelty in the world of decorative radiators is the wide range of models to choose from, that spans among several materials. As an example, glass radiators convey a sense of lightness and elegance and are especially recommended for the living area or the bathroom. Aluminum decorative radiators, on their hand, warm up the room faster than the others, included models in steel. Steel towel warmers bring together the maximum possible functionality and an aesthetics of great impact, heating and furnishing with an essential and slender structure.

Functioning and form: electric and water towel warmers for the living area and the bathroom

When choosing a towel warmer it is always better to ask yourself about the final result you wish to obtain, not only with regards to materials, but also considering its possible positioning. Indeed, the market offers models that can be mounted on the wall, in a vertical or horizontal position. A vertical design radiator is ideal to maximize the available space, since it guarantees the same or even a superior thermal performance than conventional radiators, integrating in the room without taking up space. A horizontal bathroom radiator, on the other hand is more traditional, as an option, compared to vertical models and offer the same thermal performance. Moreover, with equal importance, the functioning modalities need to be considered, if electricity or water-based. An electric towel warmer is directly connected to the home electrical system. Through the use of systems that allow to set the time for turning on and off, it will be possible no to weigh too much on the consumption. On the contrary, hot-water towel warmers use a system that heats up the hot water running throughout the building. In some cases it is also possible to opt for a dual functioning system that integrates water and electricity.

Choosing a design radiator to warm up and furnish any environment

Towel warmers are designed in order to warm up any type of environment, but are also able to fit in a balanced way in any residential or professional context. This is why it is relevant to choose a design towel warmer that can serve the twofold function of furnishing and contributing to the aesthetic result of a furnishing project. In this sense, among the most preferred solutions there are towel warmers with a brushed finish and in porcelain stoneware, even though more often the choice falls on chrome towel warmers. Among the most recent models, decorative radiators with remote control close the list, with their possibility to manage the turning on and off remotely.

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