Danilo Ramazzotti ANTICO COLORE Wall tiles


ANTICO COLORE | Sampling By Danilo Ramazzotti


Wall tiles

Purchase information:
Sampling of individual pieces.‎
The package includes 17 pieces.‎
Available in other sizes and in all colours.‎

Antico colore was born from the desire for cheerfulness that only pure colors can instill.‎
Bright and full glazes, precious pigments and glossy surfaces tell the emotions, scents and colors of a summer day in Italy.‎
The sky, the forest, the sea, flowers and ripe fruits; nature's most precious colors have been brought together to offer you a palette of pure joy.‎

IDESIGN: Danilo Ramazzotti
PRODUCTION: handmade
MATERIAL:Terracotta handmade printed and glazed
THICKNESS: 1.‎1 cm to 1.‎5 cm depending on size (nominal size)
Possibility of sides enamelled.‎

BASE: in addition to the
12x12cm size, is available 12x12cm Cocci with textured surface.‎

Special pieces:
Pastel: 2 x 12 cm
Ceramic claw: 2 x 1 cm
Border: 3 x 12 cm
Ceramic claw: 3 x 1 cm

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