Chests of drawers

”When you’re a carpenter making a beautiful chest of drawers, you’re not going to use a piece of plywood on the back, even though it faces the wall and nobody will ever see it. You’ll know it’s there, so you’re going to use a beautiful piece of wood on the back.” (Steve Jobs)
Everyone knows: there’s never enough space in a house. You need to think of specific storage for your personal items. And there you have it: a chest of drawers to save your day. It was specifically designed for the bedroom. Nowadays it finds space in living rooms, in hallways and in the kitchen.
The great variety of this piece of furniture on the market requires that you have clear in mind which kind of chest you’re looking for, how roomy it has to be, in which area of the house it has to go, which accessories you want for it. More, the chest has to blend perfectly with the rest of the furniture so you need to carefully choose materials and finishings.

Let’s start from the storage capacity. Depending on the space you need you can choose the number of drawers it has to have. You start from two but you can even get seven drawers. Many brands offer chests with even more than seven drawers but the drawers are smaller.

You need to pay attention to the shape. You can choose two types of chests: the rectangular tall one or the rectangular short one. You have to make your decision on the basis of the available space: the tall one takes less space, the short one takes more space.
The short chest has its top at a 75 cm height from the floor so it can be used to put perfume, photo frames, make-up and the portion of wall above it can accomodate a mirror that will enrich your bedroom.
The market also offers unusual shapes coming from designers’ creativity. They created round ones, semi-circular ones, square mounted on very tall legs, a composition of volumes… Nowadays, even the chest of drawers has adapted to the sectional furniture concept. This way you can create solutions that fit better your room and your needs.

Even the use of handles is interesting. You can choose them so to personalize your chest of drawers as much as you want: a laquered handle with a geometric shape or a vintage knob which makes your chest elegant and refined. More, there are also flushed handles. In this case the grip is achieved through a hole that can have several different shapes and sizes. Or it can have a groove in the upper part of the drawers which will ensure an ergonomic grip and it will confer the chest formal purity and modern design. The push-pull closing system will let you open the drawers with a light pressure on them.

The chest of drawers can be placed directly on the floor or on feet and so slightly raised or it can also be wall mounted. It’s just a matter of looks but remember that a chest on feet can let you clean underneath it while the wall mounted ones require specific fastenings.

A chest of drawers can be made of several materials but the most used one is wood. What changes in chests of drawers is usually the drawer front veneer. You can choose among woods in diverse finishings (natural, laquered, colored, etc.), glass (shiny, opaque, colored, printed, etc.) and metal which gives that unique hi-tech taste to your chest of drawers.

Shapes and materials will define the style of your chest.
Classic style chests of drawers will highlight the natural textures of walnut and cherry wood.
Pop colors, modern and fancy shapes for your contemporary style chest of drawers.

Keep in mind that when you have to choose a chest of drawers you can’t overlook technical issues. Pay attention to wood quality: whether it is oven dried or not, verify hinges and rails, make sure the finishings are high quality, anti-scratch and wear resistant. All tips that will let your chest of drawers last in time. ... More ... less
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