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Sofa or armchair? Lounge chairs!
Comfortable and spacious as a sofa, but personal as an armchair, the lounge chair is a fundamental piece of furniture for those who are looking for a unique and extremely comfortable position. It’s structure lets you assume a semi lying position. The body is completely lying and the upper part of the body is raised compared to the lower part. All this has been thought to offer maximum comfort. This type of seat is undoubtedly the most fascinating on the market. It’s a unique piece that can be purchased without following the style of the rest of furniture. It becomes the star of relax, reading, music listening, film watching areas, or it can romantically enrich your bedroom. The only rule to follow is to give it some space to “breathe”. The lounge chair needs some room around it for movement ease, it occupies the scene with its elegance.

In ancient Greece phylosophers used to lecture from these chairs. It crossed space and time passing through the Roman era, Louis XVI France up to serial production with Le Corbusier.

On Archiproducts you can find classic style lounge chairs inspired to XIX century forms, with wooden structure or tubular steel. You can also find contemporary style lounge chairs which are the result of young designers’ study that experimented with innovative forms and materials. Fabric lounge chair or a leather lounge chair? There’s no real answer here. It depends on your taste and needs. Choose a fabric one if you are looking for an informal model and leather to make it perfect for elegant rooms! ... More ... less
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