Ceramica Bardelli QUEEN 3B Indoor/outdoor glazed porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles


QUEEN 3B By Ceramica Bardelli


Indoor/outdoor glazed porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles

The invitation was of a quintessentially formal nature.‎ After the introductions, we entered on tiptoe, walking slowly as the pitter-patter of our steps echoed all around us.‎ The floors and walls were redolent of an antique splendour, embellished by an attractive sponge effect.‎ The noble simplicity and quiet grandeur of Queen are a discreet tribute to classical elegance and timeless beauty.‎ Serving as a link between past and present, the collection undertakes a fruitful dialogue with the spirit of the times, lending itself to unexpected contaminations in environments that respect its delicate grace.‎ Noblesse oblige

Collection of interior floor and wall tiles in white glazed stoneware with a matt finishing, two classic checkerboard decorations, entirely sponge painted by hand and available in six colours.‎ Available in the following sizes: 20x20 cm, thickness 7 mm; 40x40 cm, thickness 7.‎5 mm.‎
The range is completed by a solid colour glazed tile with a matt finishing (Bianco Off), available in two sizes.‎

Pack of 35 pieces 20x20 equal to 1.‎4 sqm.‎‎‎
Price per square meter.‎‎

Atelier is the signature that distinguishes the collections created within our workshops, the result of the great heritage of culture, knowledge and manufacturing experience of the company and its collaborators.‎ To make these hand-decorated ceramics, the most suitable process is adopted from time to time.‎ This can be handmade in the most classic version, starting with freehand drawing, but also stencil, 'dusting', decalcomania, to mixed techniques when a particular definition of detail is required.‎ The end result is a product of the highest quality and originality, handmade and made in Italy, combining refined and proven decoration techniques of traditional craftsmanship with modern industrial processes.‎ The hand-decorated ceramic wall tiles are produced in double-firing and are signed by the world's leading ceramic designers.‎

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