Canopies increase the outdoor living space allowing you to get almost one more room, giving you the freedom to enjoy the outside environment by creating a pleasant area of shade. The canopy is a fixed work, a structure resting on pillars covered by a rigid structure open at least on two sides and that can be anchored to the walls in a fixed manner. At the urban level, they are considered to be relevant and therefore usually require structural design and testing according to the applicable technical building codes. Adaptable elements with multiple uses, the canopies are the perfect structural and functional complements with which to complete and contribute to the outdoor furnishings of private structures.

Models of canopies and shelters for outdoor living

To make the most of terraces and balconies in both summer and winter, many people use the construction of outdoor canopies to better enjoy their outdoor space. There are many models available, from the most classic products to those with a modern design. Canopies with built-in lights allow you to spend time on your balcony or terrace in the evening thanks to an integrated lighting system. This type of solution can be fixed or mobile: in the case of mobile canopies we speak of motorized sunroofs produced for the most part in metal. Finally, we must bear in mind the canopy with photovoltaic panels or photovoltaic canopy, a single pitched structure in aluminum or laminated wood, which plays the role of canopy or roofing. The canopy - which can be used for various purposes - is covered with photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity.

Wood, iron, glass: canopies suitable for all exteriors

Outdoor canopies can be made of various materials such as glass, wood, metal, fabric and plastic. Among the various types, the most common are the wooden canopies. Wooden canopies are structures anchored to the house that cover a part of the external ground. They can also be used as roofing for verandas or parking spaces, allowing you to get a space of shade useful during the summer. The glass canopies also offer effective protection against wind and weather, allowing functional and aesthetically pleasing design of entrance areas and living spaces. Iron is another material that goes very well with glass: iron canopies and iron and glass canopies give you the opportunity to take advantage of a covered or semi-covered space with adaptable design structures, from traditional solutions to modern models.

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