Who said it takes a special occasion to use a candle? Today, more than in the past, the candle has become an object used throughout the world, as an ornament, furnishing accessory, collector's item or as an essential detail for the creation of warm, welcoming or romantic atmospheres. Candles, in fact, allow you to turn off the lights and create a suggestive atmosphere whenever you want.

Candles, design, colours and lights intertwine to create new synergies

The candle is an accessory that fits easily into any room of the house, living room, bathroom, bedroom, but also in outdoor spaces such as terraces or gardens. In the vast world of candles, shapes, colours and fragrances combine with design to create fascinating objects. In recent years they have become a real trend of home decor, leading designers and well-known brands to include them in their collections. There are many types of candles and its packaging has become fundamental, in some cases "limited edition", thus bringing the candles into the world of collecting and an excellent gift idea. It is possible, in fact, to have them entirely in wax or wrapped in a casing or container made of another material: glass, wood, metal, etc. . In most cases the container can be reused to insert a new candle or as a container, vase or jewelry box. An example of how design and candles are in strong harmony is the Overscale Candles designed by Jean-Marie Massaud: the candle becomes a sinuous sculpture, enclosed by a metal structure with clean lines, like a precious jewel, a rare stone, an object, intended for display rather than use.

The candle, an object rich in history

The first traces of the use of candles date back to the 8th century. The candle, in fact, is a very ancient object that has evolved over the centuries in terms of production materials and construction, but especially in its use. If today the candle is a decorative and atmospheric object, in the past, before the diffusion of electricity, the candle has assumed a primary role, as a source of light next to the oil lamp. But not only that. Since candles burn at a fairly regular and constant rate, they were used in the past to measure time, although accuracy was questionable. Object of bygone times, in an era of exceptional technological innovations, the candle has never really ceased to attract for its unique feature of magically shed light through the fire.

How candles are made?

Candles consist essentially of a wick and an element between paraffin, stearin, or a mixture of both or beeswax. Wax is the real fuel of the candle. The hot wick, a set of intertwined cotton threads, melts the wax around it, the liquid wax rises by capillarity in the wick where it burns, passing from the solid to the liquid state, consuming itself together with the wick. Candles are a piece of furniture, made even more creative and original when made and customized by hand. It's easy to find the necessary, and with a pinch of imagination to create DIY candles or candles colored and personalized even scented with essential oils and have fun in the creation of packages or gift packages.

The seduction of scented candles

Many candles, especially design candles, are so beautiful that you would never want to light them. Instead, the scented candles are certainly to be used, which in addition to a visual atmosphere they also contribute to the olfactory experience, through the spread of aromas, leaving a trace even after they have finished burning. The warmth and fragrances that come from a candle, as well as making the environment in which we live more pleasant, cause an undisputed feeling of well-being and serenity.

With candles it's immediately festive atmosphere

In addition to scented candles, large candles and design ones, candles have always been synonymous of holidays and celebration. Since their creation, candles have appeared in the rites and ceremonies of many religions. Often in these cases, but also for outdoor use, in restaurants or bars, wax candles are replaced by fake electric candles, with moving flame or battery, as they are safer, windproof, durable, and apparently indistinguishable from real. It is essential, for example, to extinguish the birthday candles placed on a cake, making a wish. The presence of Christmas candles during the Christmas period is also a must, as a decorative and atmospheric element. Arranged in every corner, combined with other decorations, or together with a centerpiece, the candles create a festive atmosphere and make the house welcoming, lighting it with warm and bright colors and making the days of celebration even more special.

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