A-CHAIR | Fabric chair

Stackable fabric chair


A-CHAIR | Fabric chair By Brunner


Stackable fabric chair


Fabric, Plastic


Model dimensions (total width, depth, height and seat height) in cm: 53/55/80/46.‎

The Modular All-Round Chair: A seamless entity.‎ Elegant yet unique – these are the important design characteristics of A-Chair.‎ If you regard it from the side, the silhouette is reminiscent of the letter “A”, hence its name.‎ An essential component of the design concept is the slim legs.‎ Placed in a row, only the width of a single leg will be visible, which has a great calming effect on the overall impression.‎ A-Chair does not distract from the architecture – not even with 1,000 chairs in the same room.‎

For the plastic shell, there is a choice of seven different colours.‎ Thanks to its modular construction, the seat shells and frames of this all-purpose chair can be combined in many variations – creating exciting contrasts or a harmonious entity.‎ The die cast aluminium or plastic frames can be configured with seat shells made of different materials and featuring different colours.‎ What is new and unusual is e.‎g.‎ the combination of plastic frame and shaped wood seat shell.‎
For particularly high seating comfort, A-Chair is also available with seat liner.‎ A-Chair possesses all the functionalities that a chair for large venues requires – even if it may not look it at first sight.‎ A case in point: A-Chair is vertically stackable up to 10 chairs high, saving lots of space.‎ Optionally available: row linking as well as seat and row numbering.‎ For especially high seating comfort, A-Chair is also available with armrests.‎ Moreover, different upholstery variants can be chosen.‎

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