Bedside tables

”Happiness is, the good books on my bedside table I still have to read.” (Anonymous)
As for the headboards, the bedside table isn’t indispensable but at some point you’d wish you had one. They’re really useful to put a lamp on it, the alarm clock, your glasses. They form a traditional Italian bedroom set with the chest of drawers. In modern furniture, instead, bedside tables are not necessarily bought with other bedroom essentials. So, how to choose one?

First thing: size. A standard bedside table is 45-50 cm large, 30-40 cm deep and 40-50 cm tall. If you don’t have much space, you can choose square smaller models 35 cm large. The height of the bedside table has to be proportional to the mattress to be comfortable and to keep a pleasant perspective line. If they’re too deep they may not be convenient for a daily use. Pay attention to proportions. A small bedside table put next to a king size bed will make it disappear as a large bedside table next to a small bed unbalances the set. You have to put the bedside table at a 25-40 cm distance from the bed and anyways at a confortable distance for your body so that you could reach it easily.

Another thing to consider is the shape. The most classical model is the rectangular bedside table which is characterized by straight, clean and balanced lines. Less common but quite the view are the square bedside tables compact yet functional. If you like curves, choose a round or oval one or a service table coming with a glass top and wrought iron legs for a country chic effect.

If you have enough space available, you can choose to have wall mounted bedside tables which would be integrated with the headboard: a fine yet practical solution because a suspended bedside table makes it easier to clean underneath it. Bedside tables with casters are also very convenient because you can move them around and they’re nice and funny. If you’re looking for an unconventional model, unleash your creativity! You can have a bedside table by fastening shelves to the wall or re-using an old table you snatched from grandma’s place or recycling things like pallets, wine cases or old suitcases: creativity is eco-friendly! ... More ... less
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