Bathroom stools

Compared to a normal chair, bathroom stools are a kind of seat with a limited size, easily portable; great to be used as an extra seat when the unexpected need comes. In the contract, hotel, bar and restaurant environments stools are very much used, especially in spaces with a high visitors turnover. Stools are a versatile, non-obstructive furnishing complement and can be useful in any room of the house, especially in the bathroom, where they can be more of a multi-functional element.

Characteristics and sizes of a bathroom stool

Stools always come in limited sizes compared to a normal chair. It is even more so for bathroom stools that need to have very limited dimensions to be handy in such restrained spaces, as well as inside a shower. Also for what height is concerned, stools almost never go over 50cm. They can often be stacked and some models are also available in a folding version in order to be easily stored after use. As for materials, certainly the most adequate to be used in humid spaces are plastic and plexiglass, but there are several companies producing bathroom stools in wood, metal or ceramics. Increasingly used are acrylic-based materials which are incredibly resistant and water-proof, but even resin and technical tissue.

How to choose the bathroom stool to match your needs

In a small-sized room, like most bathrooms in modern apartments are, a stool is of support to carry out many activities, both as an additional seating or as a countertop. With their contained size, bathroom stools often play a dual role as storage units (to store linens or products for the hygiene) or as laundry baskets.
When it is an elderly person who is using the bathroom or a person with limited mobility, stools are not only useful, but essential for safety reasons. There are plenty of different models which are appropriate to this use, often equipped with handles for a safer grip, and made of anti-slippery materials. Always for safety reasons, bathroom stools are often used inside showers or in the bathtub, as a stand or support. With children too, stools can come handy to use the bathroom. If positioned next to the washbasin, for instance, stools serve as a step and allow even the youngest people of the house to easily reach the washbasin and be autonomous.

Bathroom stools as design complements

Besides being handy and functional, bathroom stools are furnishing complements in all respects and are thereby to be chosen also bearing in mind their aesthetic component. Despite serving as a bonus that can be easily used in any area of the house, bathroom stools need to be chosen in a way that they are always in harmony with the rest of the bathroom furniture. Today all the companies producing bathroom furniture also include stools in their collections, but in case you decide to postpone the decision to a later moment we advise you to opt for a stool that best adapts to any kind of furniture that as usual, consist of bathroom stools with a simple and linear design, neutral colors and finishes.

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