Bathroom benches

Bathroom benches are a perfect furnishing idea to add character to the environment combining functionality and design. When we think of bathroom furnishing we underestimate how useful a seat or a surface can be for instance next to a shower or the bathtub. They can be handy to lay a bathrobe, or a towel, or simply to move more easily while carrying out ordinary actions in a more comfortable way.
Bathroom benches usually draw inspiration from the furniture of those cultures that can count rituals related to the body care like the Japanese culture, or that of Northern Countries with their Finnish saunas, as well as that of Turkish baths. Bathroom benches are the translation of classic benches for the indoor and outdoor, adapted to the bathroom space. These seats do not have any seatback, are conceived for short breaks, to host one or more people and are often modular so to be put together in series.

The right material for bathroom benches

Bathroom benches normally take simple shapes that easily integrate with the other pieces of furniture, usually rectangular, at times with rounded corners. The choice of the bathroom bench material is certainly primary as this space of the house is characterized by intense humidity, heat leaps and water jets that need to be considered too.
Most commonly the choice falls on wood bathroom benches, a warm and natural material that adapts well to the environment. Even more popular are bathroom benches in teak wood; this wood typology indeed can stand even the most extreme circumstances and it is indeed also used for outdoor furnishing. The most modern versions also encompass leather bathroom benches, adding a dash of elegance to the whole space.

Where should a bathroom bench be placed?

If you have a quite big or oversize shower, you can think of making it even more comfortable by positioning a shower bathroom bench. There are models purposefully produced for this use, made of materials that do not get damaged when entering in contact with the shower water jets. These benches are particularly useful for older people and children, for whom a slippery floor can represent a danger. If you do not have enough space inside the shower and have a suspended washbasin, you can always opt for an under-washbasin bench; the bench will complete the bathroom furnishing by filling an empty space without obstructing, in a room of this kind where normally every corner is studied and reduced to the minimum. If you are fond of the plain lines of design benches, you can think of placing one in the antebathroom area. In this case you can consider upholstered bathroom benches in bricks, letting yourself be inspired by the seats of the Turkish baths; you could cover them with the same finishes that characterize the rest of the bathroom, a whim for the few.

A bench for the bathroom, countless functions

We all know that the cabin units we have at home are never enough, especially in rooms like the bathroom where towels, products for the house cleaning and for personal care require more space. Hence storage-benches with baskets and drawers are available to be used with a dual function as seating and storage unite. If you want to keep dirty clothes out of sight and do not want to opt for the bulky and unpleasant laundry basket the alternative is a laundry container bench, a kind of chest for the bathroom where the seat can be opened, a perfect solution to serve multiple functions. If you cannot give up on the classic and neat lines typical of the classic benches, you can add small accessories to make them more practical. Extremely useful are bathroom benches with wheels, ideal to be moved and put back at their place and perfect to make the bathroom cleaning easier. By inserting a shelf under the seat and you will be able to store towels or small decorative objects. By placing a grid or slats, instead, you will also be able to use your bathroom bench as a small shoes rack.

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