Artemide AMELUNA LED direct light PMMA pendant lamp

  • Designer Mercedes-Benz Style
  • Collection Ameluna
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AMELUNA | RGB pendant lamp By Artemide


LED direct light PMMA pendant lamp

Manufacture year



Mercedes-Benz Style

Ameluna RGB
Article Code: 1402010app
Colour: Transparent
Installation: Suspension
Material: Methacrylate, technopolymer, thermally conductive
Series: Design
Environment: Indoor
Emission: Direct - Diffused
Design By: Mercedes-Benz Style
Category: LED RGB
Number: 1
Watt: 4W
Delivered lumens output (lm): 139lm
Category: LED
Number: 7
Watt: 5.‎4W
Delivered lumens output (lm): 639lm
Color temperature (K): 3000K
CRI: 90
Color Tolerance: MacAdam 3SDCM
Efficacy: 118lm/W
Service Life: 50000-L70
Watt: 45W
Voltage: 220-240V
Delivered lumens output (lm): 3414lm
Efficiency: 100%
Efficacy: 75.‎88lm/W
CRI: 0

Artemide and Mercedes-Benz are famous for the exclusivity of their design and the creation of icons.‎ Two international leaders in their respective fi elds enter into partnership to design new synergies.‎ The design of Artemide and Mercedes-Benz has been traditionally human centered, focused on human beings, their experience and interaction.‎ Through high manufacturing quality and a great innovative vision the design, founded on ethical and sustainable values, is capable to shape beautiful enduring products.‎  An impressive and unexpected outcome embodies the light  competence of Artemide combined with the distinctive trait of Mercedes-Benz Style on forms and material.‎  Ameluna is a combination of Artemide, Mercedes-Benz and luna, the Italian word for moon.‎ It is a story that goes beyond the object itself.‎ Ameluna combines beauty and intelligence.‎ Through a transparent form and a dynamic light, it creates a countless number of scenarios.‎ The interaction between pure forms and asymmetric volume triggers a dynamic and deeply emotional tension.‎Ameluna discloses an innovative optoelectronic system integrated in the transparent frame.‎ An aluminium band, a patent of innovation, which is welded with the optics, supports the led strip.‎ The latter is also hidden behind the lower profi le, in order to maintain the purity of the form.‎ The transparent body allows the light to be both direct and partially refracted.‎ A countless number of chromatic atmospheres can be created with the use of an innovative RGBW spot.‎ With the simple use of a dedicated app, Ameluna can memorize the lighting experience in the new Mercedes E-Class “Masterpiece of intelligence” and replicate the same atmosphere in any other space.‎ The ability to entertain digital dialogue with its surroundings and its optoelectronic innovation are only part of the high-tech competence of Ameluna.‎ The high-tech competence of Ameluna, is conveyed by both optoelectronic innovation and IOT interaction.‎ Every interior, be it a car or a personal or public space, can be part of the Internet of Things.‎  This can enable the light to follow human experiences and scenarios.‎ A new project frontier where light creates both experience and interaction.‎

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Diameter: cm 75
Max Height from ceiling: cm 200
Glow Wire Test: 650°
Dimensions AMELUNA | RGB pendant lamp
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Ameluna Collection by Artemide
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