483 Armchairs

”The discontented man finds no easy chair” (Benjamin Franklin)
Upholstered armchairs or a minimalistic ones? For reading or for watching a film? This piece of furniture is fundamental in our everyday life. Archiproducts helps you discover a wide range of armchairs guiding you among countless models and styles, letting you choose the one you need with confidence. The armchair is something personal. It’s extremely comfortable and for this reason it comes with a padded seat, seatback and armrests. Its ergonomy is flexible compared to chairs, so its size is larger, the height of the seat is lower to let you sit more freely. It can go into several different rooms like living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, gardens or even public venues like offices, waiting halls and hotels.

If you don’t have much space, you can choose more versatile armchairs like bean bags and bed armchairs. The former are original padded seats with a special bean or pillow shape which are easy to move around and to model and they fit in whichever room. The latter, instead, lets you use space effectively being transformable in a bed whenever you need it.

You can enrich your armchair with a number of accessories and functions like magazine racks, footstools, headrests and you can take even more relaxing positions with particular motorized functions.

Even if they can come in different materials, the most common armchairs are usually leather armchairs or fabric armchairs. Remember that a fabric covering is more practical because you can wash it easily and the majority of models have removable covers. More, with fabric armchairs you can unleash your creativity with patters, styles and colors. A leather cover is precious and therefore more expensive. It is endowed with timeless fascination and it is durable and resistant.

In furniture and design history, the armchair has always played the leading role evolving from archaic to modern shapes. Choose a classic style armchair to enrich with a precious piece of furniture your room maybe choosing a leather capitonnè model. For your super trendy living room choose a contemporary style armchair: have fun choosing funny shapes and bright colors.
Among the icons of furniture and design history, we can’t forget the Barcelona series by Mies Van der Rohe, his super famous tubular steel and leather armchair. ... More ... less
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