Alias TAGLIATELLE - 715_O Stackable chair

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TAGLIATELLE - 715_O By Alias


Stackable chair

Stacking chair with structure in brushed stainless steel 316.‎ Seat and back covered with belts of an elastic material arranged in a criss cross pattern.‎ 

The direct and concise language of Jasper Morrison is applied to the spaghetti chair.‎ Today, Jasper Morrison offers his own original reinterpretation of this Alias icon, 30 years after its introduction.‎ A highly innovative follow-up, tagliatelle is a chair inspired by the perfect synthesis of technology and form incorporated in the spaghetti chair, extracting and reformulating each and every element.‎
The structure is stove-enamelled tubular steel, with the back and seat rests consisting of interwoven elastic belts, available in a single colour or a combination of shades.‎ The resulting form is Zen inspired; of studied yet simple elegance.‎ A harmonious and balanced composition derived from meticulous attention to each detail; the calculations for the diameter of the tubular steel, the structure’s interlocking system, the invisible system used to secure the elastic belts.‎
The tagliatelle collection has acquired a series of new pieces, all of them featuring structures entirely made from painted tubular steel and available in various colours.‎ The chair with arms and the comfortable armchair, the stools, available in two height variants, and the practical table furnish the household in a simple, refined and highly functional manner.‎

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