Alias SLIM CHAIR 4 - 89C Sled base polypropylene chair with armrests

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SLIM CHAIR 4 - 89C By Alias


Sled base polypropylene chair with armrests

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The slim collection designed by the British duo PearsonLloyd and presented at Orgatec in 2016, added a new component to his family in 2018: the polypropylene slim chair.‎ In 2021 Alias presents the new soft version, an essential and ergonomic chair that embodies a unique topic of the contemporary design: the essential upholstered seat.‎
Slim chair is a family of universal seats that stems from the desire to create cross-objects able to meet both contract and residential needs.‎
With a high structural endurance and very minimal thickness, the shell is realized with a mould that allows to insert a small percentage of fiberglass as reinforcement and this guarantees a high exterior quality.‎ The versatility of slim chair is also linked to the wide range of possible finishes.‎
In the soft version it is also possible to add to the monochromatic shell a pad fixed to the seat and backrest, or only to the seat, covered with fabric or leather.‎
The fully upholstered version is even more comfortable, and it maintains the same refined profile of the original version.‎
Combining the shell with the four legs wood structure, or with the four legs steel one, or with the steel sledge version, with or without arms, the slim chair soft collection reveals an extreme flexibility thanks to sleek lines of great personality.‎

The British design consultancy PearsonLloyd, consisting of two successful designers known for their extremely elegant trait, have signed the slim office seating collection for Alias.‎
This product family is perfectly aligned with the design philosophy of the Bergamo-based company, keen to extend its office furniture catalogue, while confirming its specifically focused research within the field of design Made in Italy.‎

Finely drawn and sleek lines, slender profiles and upholstering with soft extended edges which, on the back and lower elements, link up with the backrest presented in various materials: These are the characterizing elements of the entire collection.‎

The family is composed of three different types of chair.‎

The functional chairs - slim task - are fitted with a Donati weight-sensitive synch mechanism, which guarantees elevated comfort since it allows the synchronized movement of seat and backrest: the tension of the backrest angle depends on the user’s weight.‎
The bare bones of the mechanism have been used to keep thicknesses to a minimum: the resulting chair is extremely slim and elegant, as well as being highly comfortable thanks to its polyurethane padding and inner elastic structure.‎ As is the case with bicycle design, simplicity and harmony between the mechanical and aesthetic components are successfully achieved.‎
The ultra-flat Donati mechanism is concealed by a carter consisting of three elements and two-buttons: one to block the backrest angle and another to adjust piston height.‎

The chair - in moulded polyurethane with a metal structure - and the backrest are separated by a net division, yet visually with a continuous line.‎
The backrest is of a clean-cut, extremely tapered shape which gives it a finished look, almost detached from the seat.‎
The seat and front side of the backrest are upholstered in fabrics by Kvadrat® and Camira® or in PELLE FRAU® Color System (SC) leather while the back may be supplied in plastic material lacquered in various colours.‎
The task chairs comply with UNI 1335C standards, relating to ergonomic principles and minimal functional requirements for office chairs.‎  

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Slim Collection by Alias
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