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Folding rectangular garden table

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Frametable is a folding rectangular garden table.‎
The introduction of the folding version of the frametable outdoor represents a significant expansion of the collection and increases the practicality in using the table, that can be easily folded when not in use, typically during the winter season.‎ Frametable outdoor folding is manoeuvrable and resistant and is available in different colours.‎ The top is made up of five slats in extruded aluminium with a minimum thickness and a section that allows a completely invisible fixing system to the legs.‎
Folding the legs is simple and fast: by turning a screw, the tie rod that holds the legs is unlocked and can slide in the rail fixed to the centre of the table top until the legs flatten out.‎
Frametable outdoor folding reveals its “double face”: once folded the shape of the legs provides the back with a graphic value, which can only be appreciated when the table is not in use and is leaning on a wall.‎
This table is easily transportable thanks to its extremely low weight and is suitable for multiple uses, outdoors as well as indoors.‎ Frametable outdoor folding offers a visual, functional and technological synthesis of the design culture fully shared by Alias and Alberto Meda.‎ A versatile and transversal project, thanks to the careful consideration of shapes, workmanship and materials.‎

Perfect for any interior or building, whether public or private, historical or modern, the tables of the frame collection feature essential design and great formal lightness.‎ The different versions have a structure in die-cast aluminium and rectangular tops available in various fnishes: tempered glass, sandwich glass, anodised aluminium alloy, laminate, or a range of wood veneers.‎
Frametable, in its original folding version, is light-weight but stable; its folding mechanism gives the table an unusual aesthetical value.‎ Frametable folding simply ensures outstanding fexibility of function as well as acquiring unusual decorative qualities when leant against a wall with its legs folded.‎
Frametable is available in different dimensions with a fxed structure, ftted with a crossbar that joins the legs and guarantees excellent stability.‎ Frametable is available in a variety of fnishes: the structure in polished or stove enamelled aluminium effortlessly compliments the selection of top fnishes from laminate, to veneered, tempered glass to or sandwich glass.‎ A versatile collection that makes frametable suitable in both a classical or contemporary context.‎

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