Air freshener dispensers

Often underestimated, the sense of smell is one of the senses most closely linked to emotions, memories, well-being. A pleasant scent makes us feel good. That's why it's important that the scent of our house is also representative of our tastes and moods. With air freshener dispensers we can create evocative and personal atmospheres, which vary according to the environment but also according to the time of year: in warm seasons it is better to choose fresh and flowery fragrances, while in winter we can dare with something more intense and spicy.

How to choose a fragrance diffuser

Before buying a fragrance diffuser, in addition to choosing the fragrances that are most pleasing to us, we must find the model that best suits the environment in which we want to put it. There are various types and styles of the diffuser element: in addition to the more traditional and romantic ones, Archiproducts offers a series of designer air freshener dispensers. In addition to the model, it is important to choose the type of diffuser based on the principle of operation of the element that spreads the fragrance, here are some of them.

Traditional fragrance diffusers

The most traditional and easily available home fragrance diffusers on the market are the ones with sticks. The scent, absorbed by the wooden sticks, is then slowly spread throughout the environment in a slow and steady manner. It is a good idea to position the stick-shaped diffuser at a medium height, about one metre above the ground, in order to obtain a more effective diffusion of the fragrance in the environment. It is also important that the perfumer is away from heat sources and without obstacles above, so it is better to avoid keeping it in a piece of furniture or in a bookcase, but rather prefer a shelf. Another consideration is the size of the diffuser: for smaller rooms it is preferable to choose smaller ampoules to be replaced more frequently, while for larger rooms we can opt for larger formats, not only for a matter of greater intensity of the fragrance but also for aesthetic reasons, since the diffuser also has the function of a decorative object.

How does a room scenting stick work

The stick diffuser is a very natural method to perfume an environment, it is not difficult to use even if it is good to have some simple precautions. Although there are no precise rules, it is generally advisable to use no more than 6 sticks for optimal performance and durability. Thinking that the more sticks one uses the more scent is spread is a mistake, instead you risk that the essential oil is absorbed too much by the sticks. The sticks must be turned over the first time after the first day of use and then turned about twice a week, for an average duration of about a month per 100 ml of product. Once the fragrance is finished, we can reuse the diffuser but it is better to replace the sticks because over time they become soaked in the fragrance because of the oily consistency.

Essence burners, ultrasonic diffusers and catalytic lamps

The essence burners work by heating a scented essence based on essential oils, through a small candle placed under the container or with the use of electric bulbs as a heating body. They are very practical and widespread objects, generally inexpensive, used as furnishing accessories, but have the disadvantage of being able to be used only for short intervals of time, to prevent the overheating of the essence alters its properties. Unlike burners, ultrasonic room scenters work by propagating fragrance particles in the form of cold scented steam; fragrances are not burned, but ionized, a process that does not alter the active ingredients of essential oils. Ultrasonic diffusers also act as humidifiers and often also have a chromo-therapy function as the diffuser emits pleasant colours that change at adjustable intervals. The catalytic perfumers, or catalytic lamps, burn the essence due to the effect of catalysis, they are equipped with a catalyst that is heated in contact with a flame only for a few minutes, after which the fragrance is spread in the environment gradually, until the liquid contained in the ceramic container (or even before if you decide to close the lamp with the cap). Compared to other types of perfumers, catalytic lamps also allow you to neutralize bad smells in a short time, making the air more breathable: their first use in fact dates back to the early 1800s, when they were introduced into hospital environments to purify the air.

Anti-humidity bags and diffusers for small environments

For wardrobes, shoe racks, closets or in general for small environments, the aesthetic aspect obviously takes a step back, while it becomes essential that the perfumer has an anti-moisture and odour-absorbing function. Therefore, the ideal solution in these cases is to opt for perfumed bags, containing essences with slow release, or based on activated carbon, that attract moisture and neutralize bad smells, and that have a small size, to hang or place on the shelves or directly inside the shoes.

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