Acoustic pendant lamps

Today there is a tendency to turn the workplace into places to be ever more enjoyed. Luckily technology comes in our help making this goal an increasingly easy one to attain. Improving the acoustics efficiency is definitely one of the interventions that best contribute to make a space more enjoyable. This is made possible by limiting to a minimum the sound intensity and averting its propagation and reverberation within the space. A very simple solution to do that is to install acoustic pendant lamps that allow to improve the sound impact and to better enjoy the space without having to do any massive works.

Acoustic pendant lamps: a touch of design to your office

Acoustic pendant lights are an element of design able to catch the eye for their striking aesthetic impact mainly given by their color and shape. However, this specific light system embeds an even more important function as it conjugates pure aesthetics with sound absorbing properties, enabling to better enjoy the space where they are installed. This key double function is a relevant plus in specific working contexts, like co-working spaces. Sound absorbing lamps allow therefore to reach a twofold result, that is to say enlighten with style and deaden the buzz coming from the overall noise in a room. The latter function is made possible thanks to the materials implied for the lamps realization that trap the noise and limit their reverberation inside a space.

The use of acoustic pendant lights

Acoustic pendant lamps, also known as sound absorbing lamps, play a crucial role that is intrinsic to their name: they absorb the sound. It is important to know that any noise we can perceive in a specific space is normally much stronger than the noise produced. This peculiar phenomenon, is caused by the fact that noise oscillations bounce on the surfaces and propagate amplified across the room.
Acoustic pendant lamps, thanks to the material they are made of, reduce the sound and allow to achieve the right level of privacy and a lower acoustic impact. What are, then, the materials that guarantee this result? There are many ways and materials able to absorb the sound. This can actually happen thanks to the porosity of a material, by membrane resonance and lastly by cavity resonance, an effect resulting from the absorption of the sound in the holes and fissures present on the sound absorbing material. The materials that ensure these phenomena are fabric like felt and synthetic fiber, metal and plastic materials, like polyester or polythene.

Sound absorbing lamps; an ideal solution for the office

When planning the office space, companies strive to match design solutions together with solutions that have a high technological impact, allowing to both make the space more pleasant and grant higher work quality for all employees. Sound absorbing lamps are able to meet all needs. They are a refined complement of interior design, easily adaptable to any office space, like open plan offices, or conference rooms and fitting in any furnishing style thanks to the vast availability of materials and shades. At the same time they can guarantee high performances also in terms of power saving, thanks to light fixtures with LED technologies, reduce the sound impact and ameliorate the acoustics thanks to the sound absorption properties ensured by acoustic panels.
Just like any other lighting system, acoustic pendant lamps can cast direct or indirect light, or even both, and be equipped with a dimmer to adjust the intensity of the beam of light. In order to best adapt to the surrounding environment it is also possible to opt for swivel acoustic pendant lights.

The right model of sound absorbing lamp for any space

It is important to mention that not all lamps are sound absorbing. This depends especially on their shape and, as it has been said already, material. Linear shapes are certainly the most recommended, with their wide surface able to capture sound waves to a maximum degree, which allows their absorption. The choice of the right acoustic panel for the pendant light to buy is therefore crucial. It is advised to choose wisely among acoustic baffles, acoustic islands or other typologies of panels. Another important factor to be taken into account is the space where our acoustic pendant lamp will be installed. The type of ceiling, its height, the colors of the walls and size of the space are all elements to be kept in mind.

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