9010 novantadieci 4250A LED recessed Cristaly® ceiling lamp

  • Designer Gianfranco Cinel

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4250A | Recessed ceiling lamp By 9010 novantadieci


LED recessed Cristaly® ceiling lamp

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Gianfranco Cinel

The 9010 recessed ceiling lights are high end functional elements, having excellent lighting performance and a refined design in every detail, to integrate perfectly in the environment.‎ The products are Made in Italy in the company historic production plant and are made of CRISTALY®.‎ Thanks to the simple and intuitive fixing system, and a variety of electrical options, these products are the perfect choice to complete all living areas.‎

We have achieved the impossible with the new mini LED lights in two versions with Ø16 mm and Ø11 mm holes.‎

- The 16 mm version, with an unrivalled hole diameter/lumen/overall size ratio, is the result of exclusive patents registered by 9010.‎
- The patent for the 11 mm version, with innovative and ultra-rapid magnetic maintenance system, is pending.‎

Packed with powerful technology: the installation only requires 30 mm of space.‎

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