9010 novantadieci TOOTH LED outdoor BETALY® steplight


TOOTH By 9010 novantadieci


LED outdoor BETALY® steplight

Manufacture year


Tooth is a LED outdoor BETALY® steplight.‎

Technical specifications

Light source  LED 3,5W
Tension 24Vdc (Remote constant voltage driver is required)
Colour temperature 3000°K (On request available in other color temperatures)
Lumen 380lm
CRI 80

Like an incisor, Tooth sinks its body directly into the ground.‎ Capable of adapting itself to various uses, this practical lighting system represents a new way of illuminating outdoor areas.‎ A useful tool for designers looking for a practical solution to all those situations in which a discreet light, that does not draw too much attention to the light body, is needed to illuminate paths or light areas.‎

9010novantadieci takes the richness of an artisan past and turns it into a vessel for something completely new: a highperformance material suitable for outdoor spaces.‎ Nature gives us a raw material that’s tangibly practical and can be used for any type of outdoor space.‎ It combines material strength and lightness of form, versatility and characterful design.‎ BETALY® by 9010novantadieci is a compound that makes every item unique, thanks to its distinctive artisan finish.‎

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