San Biagio di Callalta / Italy

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Via A. Boito, 25
31048 San Biagio di Callalta (TV)
Tel. +39 0422 7969 | Fax +39 0422 796969

For more than 25 years Palladio has been creating steel solutions for architecture and building. From a large catalogue of profiles to the development of innovative systems for the production of window and doorframes, facades and roofs, industrial doors and opening systems for doors and windows. Palladio products are designed to enhance and optimize the unique properties of steel: strength, durability, virtually no maintenance, attractive finish. The construction system of closed joint profiles ensures total seal against any kind of infiltration, preventing the expansion or collapse of each frame. To create Palladio brand products, we only use the best steel alloys and stainless steel, completing the proposed solutions with detailed directions to ensure the adequate accessories are also provided. Palladio products are designed and developed exclusively in Italy, with technical skills and craftsmanship addressed to absolute excellence. Safe, innovative and fully customizable, Palladio products are the steel solution to any architectural, technical or design need. Palladio is specialized in the sector of luxury private villas, residential buildings with large and imposing windows with particularly slender profiles, in addition to customized interventions in the most prestigious Italian and international restoration projects.

Safety and quality of Palladio windows profiles

Safety is a fundamental feature of Palladio® products and frames. The stringent laboratory tests against break-in, flood, explosion and Kalashnikov fire and daily tests on frames exposed to attempts of burglary and natural events such as storms, floods and fires - certify Palladio® steel systems are unique in quality, performance and durability. Palladio® tubular profiles, made from with the continuous welding of thick plates, allow the construction of armoured frames tested to burglar resistance Class 5. The FireFight® system of fireproof doors and windows, approved by Palladio®, has a fire resistance class of EI 30 and EI 60 and allows covering openings up to 3.60 m in height and 2.90 m in width.

Thermal break frames with THERMIC5®

For Palladio energy saving is an important value. Thus THERMIC5® was conceived, an innovative system of thermal break frames based on an articulated internal geometry, which includes up to 5 chambers with fiberglass insulation interposed between them. A non-plastic material with very high mechanical resistance which guarantees an effective break of the thermal flow and excellent noise abatement performance. The sized section can hold very thick panes of armoured or multi-chamber glass. THERMIC5® is perfect for even large openings and with minimal frame on view.

insulating performance of the TABS® system

To offer an even more environmentally friendly alternative, able to ensure the same insulating performance without any interposed material, Palladio has patented the TABS® system. An original and innovative thermal barrier which bases its efficiency on natural air force, which circulates inside the profiles by exploiting the power of convection. This unique technology guarantees excellent isolation from air and water while maintaining the strength of the frame.

Design and finish

To answer all design requirements, Palladio offers numerous finishes - from paint in all RAL colours, to satin finish stainless steel PT® 304 and 316, to peening, through to Corten steel, and covering in gold leaf, wood, bronze or any other material. The design and the slenderness of the profiles, such as the Opificium® series, the facade systems, the universal profile MonotypeTM, optimize the physical-mechanical performance of this unique material, with particular focus also placed on the aesthetic finish.

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