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Paged Meble is a brand whose furniture-manufacturing traditions date back to 1881.
We are one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Europe and one of the few that manufacture bentwood furniture.
Our portfolio includes collections of furniture for homes (living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms), offices, restaurants and cafés, hotels and a wide range of public facilities such as theaters, museums, or exhibitions.

Well-thought-out designs, carefully selected raw materials – combined with production facilities (factories in Jasienica and Sędziszów Małopolski) and our experts’ expertise – make our furniture synonymous with quality in the industry. It is the satisfaction of our users that is the most important to us – in terms of not only furniture ergonomics and design, but also furniture use.
We register our designs in the European Union Intellectual Property Office, while our responsibility in terms of obtaining raw materials has been expressed by a prestigious Forest Stewardship Council certificate, which is backed up by major global environmental organisations.

Nowadays, the Paged brand is available in over 50 countries worldwide. In Poland, the offer is available in 250 business outlets. ... More ... less

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