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Orac is a company specialized in architectural elements, made for walls. Where others see a flat surface, Orac sees a world of possibilities. A clean primer, waiting for a little intervention. A bare base, in need of shape and dimension. Orac invites to explore the unexpected possibilities of its architectural elements, made for walls. From visionary designs to endless versatility, each element promises to transform interiors. Corniches mouldings, 3D wall covering, skirting boards, panel mouldings, decoration elements, indirect lighting possibilities.

Orac 3D wall panels, design and sustainability

With the 2024 launch of new products, Orac is delighted to present the newest collection of 3D wall panels. In 2018, Orac revolutionized interior design with the inaugural 3D wall covering panels. Over the years, the portfolio has expanded with captivating designs. This year, the company added versatile new designs to the product range, ensuring numerous unexpected possibilities. Orac have always believes that there are many sides to a wall and the main purpose is to be committed to choosing the good one. Sustainability goes beyond the use of recycled materials; it starts by designing ideas that stand the test of time. Sustainability has been at the heart of what they do since 1970. That’s why Orac always keeps innovating and always keep son transforming. The R&D team has been working hard to look into ways to use the best sustainable materials as possible. That’s why Orac is extremely proud to pioneer with the introduction of our 100% biocircular Duropolymer wall panels. The company combines bio-based raw materials (with ISCC-certification) with recycled elements from postconsumer and post-industrial waste to create these 100% biocircular masterpieces. A marvel to engineering and a testament to environmental stewardship. Orac always unveils a new era for the brand. With each turn of the calendar, they -at Orac- have transcended their original identity. From the genesis as Orac to the expansion into Orac Decor, the journey now brings back to where it all began - Orac, coming full circle. Orac is more than artisans of decor: it’s a story made by pioneers, visionaries, narrators of space. Orac sheds the old skin -Orac Decor- to emerge simply as Orac, a name that encapsulates the essence and the expansive vision for the future of the brand. ... More ... less

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