Łodygowice / Poland

Nobonobo is a Polish brand with headquarters in Łodygowice. From the onset the company concentrated on manufacturing high quality upholstered furniture, mainly sofas.
The sofas are available in selected furniture stores throughout Poland. The company is also expanding its distribution on foreign markets.

The cooperation with Tomek Rygalik had a significant impact on the shape of our collection and the direction of Nobonobo's development. The esteemed Polish designer is the artistic director of the brand since 2019. He designs not only sofas, with advanced design and superior quality, but also armchairs, chairs and tables.
Nobonobo is an expert team that understands the needs of contemporary life. Without a doubt, the heart of the Nobonobo brand is the living room. Modern solutions, strongly distinctive colors, rare quality and elegance are the result of creativity and innovation.

All Nobonobo furniture is made in Poland in the Łodygowice plant, by a team of highly specialized craftsmen. Their artisan skills allow Nobonobo sofas to achieve the highest quality and precision in processing. For the production of the furniture they use only components and fabrics of the highest quality from reliable suppliers from Poland and Italy. ... More ... less

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