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The Moroso company, founded in 1952, produces upholstered furniture and high-end seating in collaboration with the best international designers. Since the Second World War, Moroso has been able to combine its strong knowledge of craftsmanship and tailoring with industrial production; its uniqueness lies in the combination of design, contemporary art and fashion, to offer products of the highest quality. In fact, Moroso represents the evolution of the Italian company that is based on the figure of the artisan entrepreneur and sees the family as the fulcrum in which this business history has taken root and developed. Founded by Agostino Moroso, today the furniture company is headed by Roberto Moroso, managing director, and Patrizia Moroso, artistic director. Moroso creates and customizes specific projects for the contract and luxury residential market. His collections convey stylistic and formal research, design and production experience. The Company can count on the talent of over seventy master craftsmen in its own production atelier, who, together with the network of excellent suppliers and the use of the highest quality materials, make every single product unique. Moroso's Design is based on research, values, talent, know-how and links with the territory, all elements that allow the company to offer unique products. Moroso is synonymous with quality: materials, linked to the attention of master craftsmen and attention to detail; design, associated with personalization; culture, which coincides with the ability to interpret the different sensibilities of designers; ethics, as a commitment to continuing a business model aimed at knowledge, with respect for the people who are part of it.

Moroso design, between formal and stylistic research

Moroso's history is intertwined with that of internationally renowned designers, with whom he has woven important collaborations over time. An example of this is the one with the Argentinean Alfredo Häberli, from whom the Taba collection came to life, a family of products designed for existential multi-functionality and therefore for interaction between people, and whose philosophy is given by organic lines and soft asymmetries. The collection, composed of a sofa, two armchairs and several poufs, recalls an old Argentine game from which it takes its name and shape, made with a cow bone. The Bohemian collection is designed by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola: a family of products, with armchairs and sofas, whose soft, enveloping lines look like liquid. In each object the research of the covering is rich and almost obsessive, given by an overlapping of leathers, different materials and fabric processing, which give it a nomadic spirit.
Patricia Urquiola also signs other iconic collections: Antibodi, sledge armchair and chaise longue characterized by a floral explosion obtained with petals sewn on a triangular base structure; Fjord, which includes high sledge stool, sledge armchair, swivel armchair, and sledge chair, has a design reminiscent of a fragment of a shell with a broken shape but with soft lines as if it had been smoothed by the waves, with an elongated cut inspired by the Scandinavian design of Arne Jacobsen and the inlets of the northern coasts; the Lilo armchair, on the other hand, evokes the modernist design of the 1950s and, with its welcoming shapes and color palette, has a versatility of use that makes it perfect for both domestic and public spaces.

Moroso solutions for the home, contract and outdoor

Moroso solutions range from decorations and furnishings for the home, with sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs, storage units, mirrors, garden furniture, to luxury furnishings for public facilities, hotels, bars and restaurants. Gogan is part of Moroso sofas, which owes its name and shape to the Japanese stones placed on the banks of rivers and lakes, smoothed over time by water and wind, the inspiration for this project; just as the sculptures are made of stones that offer a play of joints, so too this sofa is given by the balance of the different elements that make it up, providing an idea of lightness.
The Redondo sofa was inspired by the upholstered interiors of American cars of the 50s and 60s, the sinuous shapes of the bodywork and the comfort that accompanied the long coast to coast journeys. Redondo is characterized by the combination of two volumes, an upholstered shell that wraps the large seat cushions. The absence of edges, combined with the softness of the fabric and a quilted decoration, generates an elegant three-dimensional geometry.
Among the Moroso armchairs are the swivel chairs Take a line for a walk and Clarissa. The first is characterized by an enveloping and comfortable shell; designed in 2002, it maintains its communicative strength intact: rigorous geometric order, softness and bright colors are the perfect synthesis of an all-female exuberance. The second is a dynamic relaxation armchair, the synthesis between provocation and aesthetics, comfort and dynamism.

Moroso tables and chairs, with their wide range of shapes, materials, colors, give off dynamism and tenacity, flexibility and staticity, to offer sensational solutions. Precious seats in their minimal and clean shape, synthesize lightness, elegance and solidity; the attention to detail is combined in Precious with the attention to precious materials and fine finishes. The Impossible Wood chair with armrests, on the other hand, represents a process of conceptual reinvention, which presents a curved wood structure that is impossible to achieve except by injection molding, which maintains the visual and tactile qualities of wood. The No Waste table, obtained from a single metal sheet, is a clear example of designing waste in its essence, excluding the superfluous. No Waste presents a new shape, able to determine a change in aesthetic taste, inspired by the concept of self-production. For outdoor furniture we remember the armchairs in colored hand-woven threads Arco and Husk, whose yarn is the same used for fishing nets, an unconventional choice, able to offer different and original designs. The Big Easy is a steel armchair made in 1988 by Ron Arad in 100% recyclable material and suitable for outdoor use because it is light and water resistant.

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