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In 2001 FLEXFORM launched the new Flexform MOOD collection, that has been under the supervision of US designer John Hutton until 2005.
The spirit envisioned by the company and interpreted in such an extraordinary way by Hutton, came from the desire to experiment with a completely new path and has been expressed with an original and independent project.
The result is a collection that, speaking metaphorically, has the same force and scope of an individual and that, like every person, is a world in itself. Hutton designed Flexform MOOD thinking about people and their states of mind (hence the term MOOD, the subtitle of the FLEXFORM brand). The entire collection shows aesthaetic values like soft elegance and sober classicism.
The products are inviting, simple, comfortable, curvy, built on oak or birchwood bases and covered with non-removable fabrics designed by Hutton. The taste of the whole collection is extremely transversal and speaks an international language, which is easily accessible to all those who are sensitive to a refined yet unassuming product.
The use of natural materials, the care put in the smallest details that conveys the idea of an almost hand-crafted style, the richness and variety of the products (sofas, armchairs, chairs, ottomans, chaises longues, sideboards, storage units and wardrobes, drawers, dining and coffee tables, beds and lamps) make of Flexform MOOD a project where the commitment of a great company to offer a collection ‘on a human scale’ emerges.

“I design for individuals. My number-one responsibility is to make people comfortable” - John Hutton

In 2006 the collection was supervised by Carlo Colombo.
From 2007 on, Roberto Lazzeroni has been the coordinator of Flexform MOOD:

“I have thought of a collection made of seductive and fascinating objects. More than a collection, I have thought of a family of products with a strong and defined identity, made with extraordinary materials that harken back to far-off memories and forgotten techniques”.

Right from its birth, Flexform MOOD has respected important values that have enabled it to succeed and grow: project coherence that has nothing to share with the fascination prompted by fashion, perseverance in pursuing a business policy devoted to reshape rather than revolution, discretion – the ultimate value of understatement -, faith in the image the company gives of itself, the reliability to offer a quality product. All these values help to create products that can contribute to improve the quality of life. ... More ... less



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