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A company with stone in its heart. Talking about Monitillo1980 means talking about marble, onyx, granite, travertine, but also about people: people who work stone every day, and people who, among many materials, decide to choose it. The company is always ready to find the right solution to every customer's request, in a continuous drive to improve. Knowledge of raw materials, an open approach to new collaborations and discoveries, continuous research and the desire to improve and grow, pushes the company to always accept new challenges. In Monitillo1980 stone, especially marble, is processed: starting from design, the raw material, rough stone, is transformed into design furniture for private or contract environments. Cladding, flooring, complements and small furniture items, bathroom solutions are, at present, the main components of the collections. Italian collections that are made in Puglia, in the Murge region, the company's headquarters.

The history of Monitillo1980

The first choices were made forty years ago by Francesco Monitillo. Who had an idea: that of a company linked to its land, but without borders. A symbiotic exchange between Monitillo1980 and what lay beyond. Between professionals, cultures, knowledge. A way to expand the production of elements with a cosmopolitan soul, which would be able to inhabit the spaces of the world and make the quality of the company known beyond Italy. An idea to be realized while maintaining as the company's signature the quality of raw materials and care in working them, seriousness in work, the importance of relationships, respect for the given word even before the written one, the ability to listen and interpret needs. It was Francesco Monitillo's sons, current owners of the company, who gave substance to the idea. By creating collaborations, traveling to introduce themselves to new realities, accepting challenges and expanding the production of new collections. Through the evolution of the company's technology, and the use of increasingly precise and sensitive software, the tradition of manual processing was successfully carried over to machine processing. And in a short time, thanks to a highly skilled work staff, the Monitillo1980 collections have been enriched with characterful, precious pieces of elegant design and refined detail. Made by the company itself or in collaboration with designers or studios of international prestige.

Monitillo1980 collections

Among the cladding proposals is the Walls&Floors collection, signed by internationally renowned architects under the creative direction of Efrem Bonacina. These sophisticated architectural extensions pander to the morphology of the walls, creating volume and movement on the surfaces and accentuating the beauty and purity of the raw material. The Bathline offers refined design elements that tell a story of a textural, sensory and chromatic journey through expert processing of the material. The line includes several elements including washbasins, shower trays, bathtubs and mirrors, which can be chosen individually or integrated into a custom-made system. A play of warm tones reminiscent of earth tones, accentuated by soft and sinuous shapes, distinguishes the Home Collection, an ongoing project created in collaboration with important contemporary designers. The history and tradition of Puglia provide the backdrop for the entire project: some products, in fact, pay homage with their names to Apulian coastal towers or most iconic places. The collection consists of juxtapositions of different materials: traditional marble and travertine dialogue with amber tips of bronzes and metals, warming the objects and making them suitable for warm and enveloping atmospheres. ... More ... less

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