Mogu is an European company, based in Italy, bringing forward a revolution for interior design, thanks to one of the most innovative and responsible technologies out there: mycelium. Rooting from the admiration from Nature as the best architect of all, Mogu offers a series of products for interior design based on the combination between mycelium - the vegetative structure of mushrooms - and agro-industrial residues. The result is a collection of sound absorbing panels, characterized by remarkable technical properties and a unique aesthetics. Thanks to the standardization of biological processes, Mogu produces materials by activating the growth of fungal microrganisms on agroindustrial residues, such as cotton raw fibres. By feeding on the organic residues and transforming them in high-value matter, mycelium acts as a reinforcement and generates a coherent composite. The high porosity, together with its exceptional mechanical properties and fire resistance, makes Mogu products the perfect candidates to improve the acoustic comfort of every environment.

Beside acoustic products, Mogu is developing other collections of products with higher performances, dedicated to resilient flooring, as alternatives to standard PVC, linoleum and multilayer products. Mogu is grounded in the belief that it is possible to employ Nature’s intelligence to radically disrupt the design of everyday products, seeking a finer balance between the man-made and the rhythms of the natural ecosystem. Mogu was founded in 2014 as innovative start-up company from a group of young Italian entrepreneurs, to scale up the results of the research stemmed from Officina Corpuscoli (Maurizio Montalti), a transdisciplinary design studio based in Amsterdam. Thanks to various investments, , to the numerous grants and awards won along the years and to the support of the European Union Mogu is today a SME based in Inarzo (VA), and it is composed by an international team of fifteen people with various expertise, from biotechnology to chemistry and design. ... More ... less

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