Kalmar / Sweden

Fuelled by passion and unceasing curiosity, Mizetto creates an innovative design that responds to people’s ever-changing needs. Using bold design language and in-house production, they’re contemporizing the traditions of local furniture production.

Design sprung from courageousness and curiosity Mizetto is all about big ideas, bold design, and creative collaborations. It’s founders, Malin and Richard Muskala, run the company with the vision to challenge every person’s curiosity with playful, flexible, and accessible design. A brave stride, reaching far beyond the boundaries of Scandinavia. With in-house production and the help of local partners, Mizetto is contemporizing the traditions of local furniture production.

Mizetto is not only synonymous with local production and hard-to-beat quality, but also award-winning design. Handful products have received BOY Award, HIP Award and Best of Neocon, to name e few. The sculptural shelfing system Understand has received the most awards since released in 2021. Mizetto has well-established collaborations with Italian Design Duo Studio Nooi and Swedish Addi. ... More ... less

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