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Founded in Poland in 1993, MDD now distributes its products to more than twenty countries on three continents. The desire to create the perfect working environment, where colours create a warm atmosphere, has given life to one of the most competitive suppliers of office furniture on the European market. MDD is a renowned and dependable company in the B2B sector and collaborates with architects and designers to offer office furniture that includes workstations, reception areas and executive furniture. Among the various MDD proposals are modern desks, upholstered furniture and acoustic solutions.

MDD, furniture for the office and contract spaces

Variety and flexibility are the characteristics most associated with this modern company; they are its sources of creativity and innovation. MDD presents a complete line of products for the office – desks, chairs, bookcases and partitions. What distinguishes the company's products is the functional and aesthetic integration of the different collections, which offer multiple solutions that can be modulated according to need. Contemporary offices require spaces for various activities and, at the same time, need to accommodate more people. With the Hako Collection, featuring acoustic office islands with integrated lighting, it is possible to make the most of any space. The line is inspired by industrial architecture and warehouses; the Japanese name Hako refers to traditional Japanese grid systems. In addition, Hako islands improve the acoustic quality of contemporary offices. The variety of the components makes it possible to create multifunctional architectural elements whose comfort can be enhanced by light and silent automatic fans. The Mesh collection offers furnishing accessories with a contemporary feel. Designed to create comfortable office spaces, sofas, armchairs and coffee tables can be customised to suit any need. The line is characterised by strong attention to detail, combining high-tech precision with a bespoke crafts approach; seating comfort is guaranteed by the shapes of the cushions, achieved through foam injection printing technology. The Grace collection was created to meet the needs of public areas ; it includes a sofa, armchair and two tables. These sculptural objects combine a minimalist style with a high degree of customisation. Together, the elements create a lounge area characterised by essential elegance without neglecting the comfort provided by the seating materials. The Gravity collection defies the force of gravity - designed for people who want a minimalist and technological workplace. The line includes the robust and comfortable executive desk inspired by the essence of modern architecture. Gravity is characterised by a large work surface supported by a solid block; the collection also includes a height-adjustable conference table, a small table, shelving and modular storage units.

MDD chairs, poufs, armchairs, sofas and decorative panels

MDD's interior design proposals include Shape, a multicoloured upholstered pouf with an ergonomic and extremely comfortable seat that creates informal and welcoming spaces. This seat is ideal for waiting rooms, lounge areas and offices. The Frank seat is a minimalist swivel armchair on a fabric trestle base that offers maximum comfort and sophistication for executive offices but it can also be used in various spaces, like lounge areas, group workspaces or reception areas. Bazalto is a decorative modular wall panel from the collection bearing the same name, available in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes. The Kaiva sectional sofa has a distinctive form and a modular structure based on few elements, allowing users to create their own compositions. The line is inspired by the image of overlapping stones. Kaiva means conversation in Japanese, a name that fits the use of the product suitable for offices, hotels, waiting rooms and public spaces. Featuring soft materials, touch-sensitive fabrics and a wide range of colours, it introduces a positive atmosphere into the work context.

MDD furniture for sale online

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