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MARIONI is a modern and dynamic company that offers customers high quality products and collaborates with the best architects, interior designers and contractors to find increasingly and exclusive solutions. The headquarters is in Florence where the art of creating objects, with unmistakable for refinement and flair, has its roots in the Renaissance period. All the collections reject the great seriality and can be customized. The story of the company is so rich in personal experiences and human values ‚Äč‚Äčthat make it first in its sector. The relationship that often arises between the client and our creative team goes beyond the simple supply, often resulting in a positive and continuous exchange of stimulating ideas and innovative proposals: a vision that makes MARIONI emerge in the variegated Italian entrepreneurial landscape.

100% Italian quality

Quality and sustainability have always been company priorities.
All Marioni staff are committed to respect the highest quality and service standards on a daily basis. Lamps, furnishing accessories, upholstery and furniture, although entirely handmade with artisan care, must undergo the most stringent stress tests and guarantee their performance over the time.
Since 2002 we have been awarded the Quality Management System Certification according to the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015. Every year a third party checks the compliance with the internal procedures, monitors and evaluates the maintenance of corporate objectives.
Marioni is also committed to reduce the environmental impact, paying attention to its production cycles with the aim of reducing defects and energy consumption to the minimum.

Hospitality and residential projects

Marioni production flexibility and artistic ability is available for demanding and refined customers who are looking for the best quality-price ratio and compliance with the project parameters. Among the company skills we like to remember the obsessive care in the execution of the products and an efficient technical support to develop any customized proposals, according to the request of contractors, interior architecture firms and designers. Custom designs and fine craftsmanship transform raw materials into unique, harmonious environments, beautiful to look at and to live in. Our Style Dept. is always ready to discuss with professionals in the sector for each request, even the most imaginative, with the aim of finding suitable construction solutions to meet the indicated budgets. ... More ... less

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