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Maior is a brand founded in 1998 by Eurotecno a company that designs, manufactures and markets motorized systems and mechanisms to support televisions. The company was born from the desire of its partners to establish a manufacturing reality in Italy in Faenza, the heart of Romagna. The aim was to produce high-quality product. The creation and development of the Maior brand have consistently focused on the union of beauty and functionality in every aspect, paying attention to details from every perspective. From design to the selection of materials and mechanical components of our TV brackets, to order placement and worldwide shipping, each step aims to ensure excellence in every detail.

Maior: a leader in motorized TV supports

The company aims to produce products that meet these features:
Technological Innovation: Maior utilizes cutting-edge technologies in its products. Maior's motorized supports are designed to provide an advanced viewing experience and facilitate screen adaptation to various furnishing needs.
Flexibility and Versatility: Maior supports allow easy adjustment of screen height, tilt, and rotation in a motorized manner. The ability to adapt the screen position according to user preferences offers significant benefits in terms of comfort and ergonomics.
Space Saving: Maior's motorized TV supports are designed to optimize available space, allowing the screen to be hidden when not in use and positioned optimally.
Aesthetics and Elegant Design: Each product is carefully designed, ensuring a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing integration between the support and the surrounding environment.
Quality: Maior uses high-quality materials to ensure the durability and robustness of its products.
Assistance and Support: Maior's customer service is available to address any doubts or issues regarding its products. Post-sales assistance is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction.

Maior: from design to creation

The Maior’s team consists of 16 professionals specializing in design, production, assembly, testing, marketing, administration, and logistics. Each member has been carefully selected and trained with the goal of offering customers the best in terms of creativity, reliability, and technical preparation. In fact, the design of each product is crafted to conceal wires and mechanical elements from view. The product is delivered partially assembled, meticulously packaged in a wooden box. But the company also focuses on the highest quality to ensure maximum functionality and smooth movement. The company directly oversees every phase of the production process, from orders to delivery to the end customer. The company offers a wide range of motorized TV brackets, both floor and ceiling mounted, with visible and retractable solutions, to organize spaces efficiently, design them, and fully experience them. ... More ... less

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