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M.M. began producing in Udine, north-east Italy, gratings in FRP (fiberglass reinforced polymers) since its inception at the end of the 70s. Before long, the company became a reference player at national and international level for the supply of products intended mainly for the chemical sector, ensuring the necessary corrosion resistance to the plants for the benefit of operators’ safety.
To the gratings were then added structural framings also entirely in fiberglass, from the simplest to the more articulated and complex structures that won new markets: water and waste treatment plants, railway infrastructures, facilities for the production and distribution of electricity, shipbuilding industry, industrial installations. They are also used as parts of machinery.
Along with the turnover, also the internal organisation of the company grew with the opening of new technical and commercial offices able to offer design services (calculation reports, 2D and 3D drawings, testing, etc.) and personalised consultancy aimed at the construction of complex installations. As a manufacturer of FRP grating and structures, M.M. soon became an international reference point for custom composite material solutions also as a result of its participation in the enterprise network “Together for tomorrow”, thanks to which it also offers tanks, reservoirs, pipes, flanges.

M.M. and its fiberglass solutions

Thanks to the growing knowledge of fiberglass and its countless advantages (lightness, resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents, dielectric and non-magnetic properties, permeability to radio waves, ease of installation) and its increasingly multi-sector use, FRP products raised the interest of the building industry also in the areas of urban furniture and outdoor solutions.
Fiberglass products are versatile, durable, and remain unchanged over time even when exposed to adverse weather conditions. They are light, easy to transport and work with, can withstand impacts and scratches, are non-slip and easily customisable in shape, colour and surface finishes.
All these properties make fiberglass gratings particularly suitable for outdoor paving.
For some years now, M.M. has been offering gratings with Q-PAINT finish suitable for barefoot walking on jetties and piers for pleasure docks as a valid alternative to traditional materials such as wood, or for the construction of facilities for access to slides and swimming pools in water parks.
M.M. has recently started marketing the new MDK FLOOR, namely solid and perforated rectangular and square paving slabs to be installed on specially designed feet for setting up outdoor areas.

M.M. gratings and structures

M.M. gratings and structures are manufactured according to original and patented technology, which is mainly based on injection moulding (RTM) and pultrusion.
M.M. gratings are manufactured according to RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) technology, which is an injection moulding process.
Glass fibres are arranged orthogonally in order to assure mechanical strength of the final product.
Dies are hermetically sealed with a cover through a hydraulic system. Total sealing of the die allows to obtain better and complete polymerization and maintain most heat generated by the reaction in the die under exothermic peak conditions. This process has a very limited environmental impact.
Different types of thermosetting resins can be injected, such as polyester, vinylester and epoxy resins, with proper addition of promoters and catalysts.
RTM technology enables to design specific gratings with different types of mesh, thickness and shape, with covered surface and sandwich structure, even for production batches of limited quantities.
The finish of MM gratings is performed through polishing and painting processes. MM can also cut products to size (straight, transverse or curved cuts) and hence offer shaped panels which are able to fully satisfy any need, from standard to more specific requirements.
MM also offers pultruded profiles, manufactured through the pultrusion process. Pultrusion, which combines the terms “pull” and “extrusion”, meaning “extrusion by pulling”, is a continuous process used to produce reinforced polymer profiles whose fibres are pulled and hence perfectly aligned before die polymerization.
Pultruded profiles are used to construct FRP structures such as gangways, parapets, inclined and vertical ladders, which are preassembled in the factory before shipment. ... More ... less

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