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LvB Acoustics is the brand of Ambiente Ufficio S.r.l. specialized in sound-absorbing panels and related environmental comfort.
LvB Acoustics' adventure in the world of acoustic comfort began in 2013, when it became an importer of soundproofing products for an important international company. In 2015, thanks to this experience, he decided to independently compose the panels, giving life to innovative products that solve the problem of reverberation and at the same time contribute to improving people's well-being. Just like in the world of music, even in the sound-absorbing landscape, conventions must be twisted to create something unique, both visually and acoustically.
LvB Acoustics panels are used not only in offices or operational open spaces, but also in meeting rooms and auditoriums, as well as canteens, hotels and all places of social interaction. Even the name, inspired by one of the greatest musicians and composers, recalls the purity of sound.

The production of sound-absorbing panels outside the box

LvB Acoustics has chosen not to use the production technique of sound-absorbing panels by means of thermoforming, thus freeing itself from the conventions and conformity of this sector by creating completely customizable products, in terms of shapes, thickness, colors and dimensions.
This, following and dealing directly with every design aspect: from the acoustic analysis and evaluation of the rooms, to the creation of the sound-absorbing panels and their correct installation to achieve maximum acoustic and aesthetic well-being. LvB Acoustics thus gives life to original and innovative phonodesign projects that allow you to spend time in environments studied in every detail and that involve all the senses. In fact, the LvB sound-absorbing panels, in addition to being customizable in shape and size, can be combined and embellished with other elements such as: loudspeakers, fragrance diffusers and LED spotlights, adapting perfectly to any style.

Wellness: living in a pleasant space, without interference

Well-being is made up of sensations. For example, like having dinner in a restaurant and being able to talk without having to raise your voice, go home after a day of work in the office and not have a headache due to reverberation. LvB Acoustics eliminates reverberation, creating environmental comfort, through the design and manufacture of design sound-absorbing panels. In addition to reducing reverberation in a closed environment, such as a restaurant, an office, a meeting room, LvB decorative sound-absorbing panels furnish the space in which they are installed and contribute to acoustic well-being.


LvB Acoustics' commitment to the environment is highlighted by the Minimum Environmental Criteria (C.A.M.) required to be inserted in all public environments.
In addition to this, the panels are certified with UNI EN ISO 354 Performance analysis and evaluation of the optimal use of sound-absorbing materials for civil uses at the reverberation room of the University of Padua.
The panels are covered with fabric with a polyester fiber interior with percentages of recycled material from 63% to 90% depending on the product, and it meets the REACH and LEED requirements, and is also certified B-s2-d0.

Environmental sustainability

Accompanied by the consultants of Quality Net in 2020, the LvB Acoustics team has embarked on the path that has made it possible to reach the Minimum Environmental Criteria (C.A.M.) required to be inserted in all public environments.
Furthermore, the search for eco-compatible materials in line with the green idea of ​​the company has led to the preference for color cards with 100% recycled and recyclable materials, with the OEKO-TEX seal and the panels are covered with fabric with a polyester fiber interior with consistent percentages of recycled material. ... More ... less

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