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Luceplan is an Italian company specialized in the design and manufacturing of lighting fixtures for the indoor and outdoor and thought for home, office and contract purposes. The company was born in 1978 at the initiative of three architects Paolo Rizzatto, Sandra Severi and Riccardo Sarfatti, the latter’s husband and son of Gino Sarfatti, founder of Arteluce. Luceplan identity revolves around values such as innovation, technique, enriching aesthetics, environmental sustainability and Made in Italy. Since its early days its activity has been centered on research and development through the exploration of new geometries and lines. The strong vocation to innovation and the indisputable quality of its products have brought Luceplan to quickly get to an international scale. Its being rooted in the land of origin and intrinsically in the tradition of the Made in Italy reverberates in the development and distribution processes Luceplan has in place since ever. For over ‘40 years the brand has been pursuing a sustainable business model declined on every aspect of its production. The Luceplan collections are characterized by a stylistic approach oriented toward sobriety and the research of harmonious geometries, something that confers prestige and character to any space.

Luceplan: design lighting made in Italy

The brand is known as a synonym to the Made in Italy in the world thanks to the outstanding and sophisticate neoclassic design of its creations. This reputation is testified by the numerous and prestigious honors that have filled the history of Luceplan since the very beginning. Only three years after its launching, Luceplan received its first award, the Compasso d’Oro ADI award, that was given to the company six other times afterwards, between 1989, with the famous Lola lamp designed by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzato, and 2016 with the renowned Ascent table lamp. Two years before, it had been the time for the Counterbalance collection to win this prestigious recognition, a collection that also received the Red Dot Design Award in 2013. The Hope line won the Red Dot design in 2010 and the Compasso d’Oro in 2011. In 2016 the Red Dot Design Award was given to the Mesh collection. Luceplan was honored the Design Plus Frankfurt for seven times, the last one in 2012 for the OttoWatt collection. Also worth of mentioning the nine prizes received at the Good Design Chicago between 1999 and 2010 and the Archiproducts Design Awards 2018 in which occasion the Amisol suspended lamps designed by Daniel Rybakken were awarded under the “indoor lighting” category.

Luceplan catalog for the indoor lighting

Luceplan core business is interior lighting, which the company proposes in a multitude of models and styles. The catalog encompasses suspended, ceiling, wall, floor and table lamps, but also design spotlights, ideal for internal spaces that require intimacy and minimalism. The vastness of the offer by Luceplan is characterized by a cross-cutting formalism that is reflected throughout its collections. This translates into lighting fixtures of top quality standards and that use diverse materials especially metal and plastic. However, exploring the opportunities offered by different materials is an ongoing process, as witnessed by the Illan suspended lamp by Zsuzsanna Horvath in 2019, composed of slender multi-level rings, or the Lita collection with its diffused in blows glass, signed by David Dolcini.
Among the evergreen collections, some of the company best selling products stand out, for instance the Costanza collection designed by Paolo Rizzato in 1986. The interchangeable lampshade in polycarbonate with its classic style, available in 11 colors variants, is the main characteristic of this lamp available in the suspended, wall, table, floor and, since 2014, rise-and-fall versions. A one-of-a-kind lamp, with its sculptural silhouette recalling a crescent moon, the Curl table lamp features a dimmer allowing to adjust the beam of light as wished. Thought to cast an ambiance, soothing light, Curl can be positioned in a way to obtain a diffused or accent light, according to the need.

Luceplan solutions for the outdoor and the office

The offer of Luceplan in the domain of garden lighting is as remarkable, thanks to the design of wall, floor and suspended lamps and bollard lights. Among the most recent offers, the Fienile bollard light by Daniel Rybakken, available also in the table and suspended versions for indoor use.
As far as office lighting is concerned, the company is committed to design and bring to the market desk lamps and suspended acoustic lamps, also serving as acoustic dividers thanks to their covering in sound-absorbing material. Somber and sophisticate, the Silenzio suspended lamp with its design by Monica Armani, blends the quality of the light with acoustic comfort, without overlooking aesthetics, thanks to the shade covered with exclusive fabrics. The innovative Trypta sound-absorbing suspended lamps, on the other hand, carry the signature of Stephen Burks. This lamp allows for an infinite array of configurations, obtained by combining panels of various fabrics and colors.

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