Look into Nature

Fukuoka / Japan

Look into Nature Collection is born as a perfect synthesis of the wide production collected in a series of catalogues of products that ADAL has developed for their customers in the last 70 years. The collection includes tailor-made pieces expertly created to meet the customer's needs as well as presenting original and unique furniture to lead the market.
ADAL was set up in 1953 and is now one of the largest companies in the contract sector in Japan. It is currently expanding in different world’s area presenting a catalogue of products that blend traditional patterns with cutting-edge solutions in the continuous search for tailor-made offers. The futuristic production is the result of the most innovative digital technologies. Moreover, ADAL offers more than 1.000 3D datas for marketing and promotion purposes.
Central value for ADAL is sustainability, and its responsibility as a Japanese company is to promote igusa, the traditional and sustainable material, on a global scale.
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