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Lombrello is a design studio founded by Andrea Forapani, whose vision of combining skillful craftsmanship with contemporary design resulted in the creation of the unmistakable Lombrello chair, a versatile and unique chair made to be completely customizable.
With a playful attitude towards design and passion for art, Andrea creates unconventional and psychedelic chairs with a minimal silhouette where different colors and upholsteries are the absolute protagonists. The brand, in fact, actively collaborates with thick companies specialized in the production of laminate, composite wood, and fabric coverings such as Abet Laminati, ALPI, and Rubelli respectively.
Relying on a wide net of specialized artisans, each piece boasts a different and unique combination of colors, prints, and textiles that adapts to any room. From classic silhouettes to more avant-garde designs where the studio plays with backrests and repetition, Lombrello collection is the perfect piece to fit contract and private projects.

“We believe the all should feel free to express ourselves unabashedly, and that identity is sacred. Identity is revealed in our homes, in the objects we buy, which are not a simple commodity but represent also conformity to a belief, a philosophy: buying is, therefore, a political choice. This is the generating idea behind Lombrello creations, not a marketing slogan stuck on the product in post-production.“

In 2018, during Milano design week, the first Lombrello chair was born. The product is the archetype of a chair that you can customize in an unlimited version. Each of them has been designed for different uses and settings, in order to be enjoyed by different peoples, identities, and tastes. Lombrello fulfills the dream of having your custom chair as you deserved. What makes us really proud is that all the production is made in Italy.

Fragment taken from the article of Design Wanted by Andrea Forapani
“My whole design has been to organize the product in a logical and aesthetically pleasing way, combining all these elements that were already there. We use standard insets and joints that are easy to source, we limit the unnecessary complexity and we combine them with the strongest, long-lasting, and most recyclable products that are available. Everything is produced in Italy, by medium-sized artisans from Veneto and Lombardy. All craftsmen who work on the chair are close to one another, limiting the energy used to transport the components. We believe in 0 waste, and thus each of our customers is invited to return components of our chair (eg the backrest), to exchange it for a different one. This creates a circular economy of reused, high-quality elements that slot seamlessly into all Lombrello products. If a restaurant wants either small adjustments to a full re-haul, we take back, exchange, or sell new elements of the chair. The older pieces are then available for purchase at reduced prices. 0 waste is a fundamental attitude and we follow that through to our package as well; the wrapping is reused tirelessly between production facilities and customers. “ ... More ... less


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