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West Horsham / United Kingdom

Liqui Contracts has simple aims - to create high quality commercial furniture and lighting with integrity, using sustainable materials and traditional techniques combined with modern production methods to cut down on waste ( the onus is always on sustainability). And while the finish may be contract-grade, their products have an appealing domestic aesthetic, making their design-led pieces suitable for any home, as well as office, restaurant or shop.

The fabrics Liqui Contracts employ for upholstery are made using the wool of Welsh and Scottish sheep and is woven at mills in the Highlands. English grown hemp and flax are often included as part of the weave, giving the fabric a tactile quality as well as it’s all-important durability. These ancient materials also illustrate the company’s obsession with rediscovering historic techniques to combine with the modern technology utilised in their workshop. The leather Liqui Contracts use is supplied by one of the finest leather companies in the world as well as being amongst the oldest tanneries in Europe. Committed to traceability within their supply chain the tannery always source their raw hides as locally as possible.

Liqui Contracts is based in both the UK and USA. Their headquarters are situated in the heart of West Sussex, England at The Campus, which houses the design studio and main workshop. It means the team has a very hands-on approach, honing each design and casting a meticulous eye over every precise detail. Prototypes can be turned around in no time at all, from initial sketches to tangible products. And now that Liqui Contracts have set-up an office and manufacturing capabilities in America it has allowed them to expand their business and greatly reduce their carbon footprint.

The design process is led by the team’s knowledge of sustainable materials and manufacturing techniques, and everything that comes off the production line is thoroughly inspected to ensure the highest quality. Despite such an artisan service, Liqui Contracts’ designs are available globally. The company’s handmade pendant lights now furnish an internationally renowned restaurant chain across Europe. Their easy chairs and benches can also be found in offices and restaurants from London to Abu Dhabi.
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