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Linea Light Group is an Italian company founded in 1976 specialising in the design and development of customised indoor and outdoor lighting systems. The brand uses its technical know-how and long-standing experience in LED technology to grow a company whose distinctive features are tradition, quality and environmental sustainability. Linea Light Group's manufacturing system is divided into specialised and autonomous departments within an overall vision that allows the company to realise products with design creativity and flair that merge with traditional Made-in-Italy values and craft. Between 2012 and 2017, the company developed workshops worldwide, first in Europe (France, Poland, Russia, Germany) and later beyond (China, the United States and Singapore). In 2020, the Ink System line was awarded the prestigious IF Design Award, thanks to an innovative patented system making it possible to meet the lighting needs of any context. The award followed others received by Linea Light Group previously: Dirigo in 2017, Archiline in 2018 and Reflexio in 2019, a lamp belonging to the Stilnovo brand, which Linea Light Group acquired in 2019.

Linea Light Group professional LED lighting

The ability to propose tailor-made projects for its clients sets Linea Light Group apart. The brand offers a wide range of interior lighting solutions with designs that embrace multiple approaches, aesthetic canons and material choices. The Linea Light Group catalogue includes pendant, ceiling, wall, floor and table lamps in different sizes and forms that provide valid functional and aesthetic alternatives for any context. Linea Light Group believes that light is a central design element that can personalise space and make it usable and liveable. In addition to its classic solutions for domestic lighting, Linea Light Group offers solutions for track lighting and spotlights, LED technologies that are perfect for optimising space and enhancing its visual appeal. Linea Light Group's outdoor lighting products reflect the same stylistic approach that drives the company, focusing on technological quality and creativity. The brand offers a series of wall, ceiling, floor and pendant lamps, a wide range of poles for lighting large perimeters and walkways, and spotlights that can be easily placed in any outdoor context. The company also proposes several adjustable, versatile and easy-to-install LED projectors for illuminating open spaces of all kinds.

An international profile and Made-in-Italy style: Linea Light yesterday and today

Initially named Minulamp SRL, Linea Light Group was founded in 1976 to produce chandelier supports; it changed to its current name in 1985, coinciding with a company strategy to manufacture more extensive lighting equipment. Four years later, the company launched its first line of decorative lamps, initiating a process of growth in the field of art design that peaked in 2001 with the creation of the first line focusing on LED technology. In 2005, Linea Light Group took its definitive leap forward in terms of research and development, launching an electronics department to target the power supply and control systems market. The brand was consolidated in the following years, establishing itself nationally and internationally as a sector leader. In 2010 the MA&DE Material & Design collection was launched together with Light Village, a highly advanced laboratory for lighting engineering with an avant-garde exhibition space of over 1400 square metres where it is possible to view real-life simulations. Today, Linea Light Group, now with a sophisticated research and development division and high-profile technical know-how, is a well-established player in the lighting sector. The brand combines innovation with its own artisanal identity and attention to detail, in keeping with the distinctive Made-in-Italy style.

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