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Šempeter pri Gorici / Slovenia

LED Luks is an European manufacturer of commercial and architectural LED luminaires. Located on the border between Slovenia and Italy, LED Luks combines the best from both cultures: Slovenia's innovative business spirit and diligence, merged with the Italian tradition in industrial manufacturing and design expertise. The synergies of both support its customer-focused philosophy as well as the company's commitment to providing high-quality products. Since the establishment the company aims to be a reliable partner for its representatives, lighting designers, architects, installers, specifiers, and other creators of light, helping them to achieve great visual comfort and energy savings with the design, development and manufacturing of high-end luminaires. From product engineering and design to prototyping and manufacturing state-of-the-art LED luminaires, LED Luks adopts only the best components and latest technology to satisfy clients’ needs and guarantee long lasting quality as well as a steady growth. Carefully selected LEDs, PCB boards of their own design, and close collaboration with many testing institutes ensure that the luminaires feature excellent functionality and a high standard of reliability when it comes to operation and colour consistency.

LED luks: custom-made lighting solutions

LED Luks has a number of standard product lines: LED luminaires for offices, educational, public, restaurants, hospitality, exhibition areas and other similar buildings, plus industrial, sports and event halls. Besides, they are also known for their custom-made solutions, which are developed in close dialogue with clients. Collaboration, in fact, is a key success factor for innovation and for co-creation of new products. More and more lighting projects require customized luminaires that suit perfectly to the architectural and clients' specific requirements. Thus, having a catalogue of standard luminaires is no longer enough. The big advantage is the ability to adapt and respond to clients' needs. LED Luks' main range of lighting profiles is designed as a modular solution, which offers the basis for made-to-measure products. In this way, the company is changing the logic of designing the products. The role of the technical office is no longer designing a series of standard products but of establishing the rules for its construction; it is not their technicians that design the products, but the customers themselves. A switch to a personalized products approach is possible with the digitalization of company processes, bringing customers a higher value experience. Flexibility when dealing with such requests, customer-oriented approach, responsiveness, and competence are where the company's strengths lie. Besides delivering quality, innovative, and design-driven products, the company also guarantees a reliable and responsive service to provide a user-friendly experience. LED Luks builds on long-term relationships with their partners and since the beginning the company has established a trustworthy network of distributors around European countries, Middle East and Australia, which supply luminaires in the projects, like Microsoft offices in Sweden, Winchester University in UK, Facebook offices in France, Fantoni production facility in Italy, to mention just a few.

Quality indoor illumination according to LED Luks

Lighting for LED Luks means well-being and sustainability. It means creating environments where people can feel both comfortable and stimulated, and it means thinking about nature, learning from it, and safeguarding it. Thus, the company gives a special importance to human circadian rhythm and to quality indoor illumination. Being one of the early adopters of revolutionary Sunlike LEDs from Seoul Semiconductors, a special range under Spectra brand features CRI>97 and delivers the closest light to sunlight, positively influencing the sleeping quality, effectiveness and motivation at work. ... More ... less

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