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La Boite Concept is a French company that designs and manufactures high-end loudspeakers and turntables, innovative creations that combine traditional hi-fi with technological innovation. Founded in 2008 by Timothée Cagniard, the company's vision is to combine the demands of high fidelity with accessible use. To create products that stand the test of time, with long-lasting technologies and unique designs. In 2010, Timothée invented the brand's first mass-produced product: the "Laptop Dock" (LD), the first high-fidelity station for laptops. Both a speaker and a desk, the LD met with immediate success and heralded La Boite concept's future creations: high-end speakers in furniture format.

The quality of La Boite Concept

Over the years, La Boite concept has developed this vision through several products with patented technologies: the Cube coffee-table format designed for tablets, the PR/01 for telephones, and the LX Platine for vinyl records. The brand's audio expertise stems from a passion passed down from generation to generation, from Marie Yeramian, the visionary woman who founded the SIARE loudspeaker manufacturer in 1938, to her grandson Timothée. The company's headquarters are located in southwest France, close to Spain, where technologies are developed by the R&D laboratory and loudspeakers are designed and assembled.
Here, the company invents patented audio technologies that have won international awards (Wide Sound® patents, Active Pression reflex, Wide Sound® 2 and 3, Diapason d'or, Red Dot Design Award...). To ensure its products are of the highest quality, long-lasting, and aesthetically impeccable, La Boite concept has surrounded itself with local partners in the Basque region who have excellent expertise in wood and leather. In 2020, the brand acquired the French company Micromega, adding electronic expertise to its acoustic expertise. It thus confirms its commitment to the development of audio know-how in France. ... More ... less

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