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Kundalini products combine a strong Italian identity with a renowned cosmopolitan style on the international scene. Leading player in the field of lighting solutions, for years the company has been offering indoor and outdoor lighting, capable of combining functionality, practicality and the use of high quality materials. Each lamp by Kundalini is the result of a deep stylistic and technological research, consistent with the core spirit of the company, highly unconventional and always at the forefront in regard to the choice of colors, lines and projects to be developed.

Since 1996, Kundalini has been reinventing lighting

Kundalini's story begins in 1996 in Trezzano sul Naviglio, just outside Milan. From the outset, the company strongly believed that light is not only a simple element capable of illuminating environments, but also a way to explore one's inner self. Light designs the perceived world, shapes it and transforms it, providing a way of understanding it. The first collections, E.T.A., Sama and Shakti, revolve around this particular aesthetic vision.
Through the years, and with the confirmation of the Kundalini brand also on the international markets, the collections become more and more courageous, visionary and innovative. The first change of logo, in the early 2000's, coincides with a style evolution that sees the company committed to creating an immediately recognizable identity. At this time, the first collections by internationally renowned architects, such as Kyudo, Shakti and Bokka, are also created. The second decade of the 2000's is marked by a new modification of the logo, which becomes immediately distinguishable thanks to its essential lines. The extreme inclination towards innovation is now accompanied by the revaluation of the past, making for an increasingly original and conscious company. The Evita, Peacock and Dew collections also came into being at this time.

Floor, table and pendant lamps

Kundalini products explore both spatial and emotional dimensions to offer solutions capable of bringing light to all domestic and professional environments. The philosophy that permeates the production of Kundalini aims to combine material research, Italian genius and cosmopolitan flair. Each creation has its distinct history, characterized by a unique creative and technological process, consistent with the character of the company. Colour, lines geometry and union of diverse materials are the result of inspiration from very different worlds. The natural and post-industrial atmospheres merge together with suggestions from the past, in a synthesis that brings to life lamps with an immediately recognizable appearance.
Floor lamps such as Kushi, for instance, play with the different opacity of glass and the tactile sensations of materials such as copper and brass. Kundalini experiments with shapes and textures also for table lamps, which become both points of light and real furnishing elements. Hive, a solution with glass diffuser and glazed ceramic base, is proof of this. Finally, the company offers a series of wall lamps and solutions such as Azou, a modular marble lamp with different light points.

A community of designers from all over the world

Many are the designers and figures behind Kundalini's creations. Names such as Guglielmo Berchicci and Marzio Rusconi Clerici, for instance, characterize some of the most successful collections, especially in the early years of the company's activity. Karim Rashid and his signature "Sensual Minimalist" style is equally at the forefront of some of Kundalini's flagship products, as are NoƩ Duchaufour-Lawrance and the Hansandfranz and MrSmith studios. Kundalini's activity has also been intertwined with exponents who genuinely embody the Italian and cosmopolitan spirit of the company, such as Alberto Saggia & Valerio Sommella and the AquiliAlberg studio, based in Milan but with a strong international vocation. Among others, the company continues to collaborate closely with established designers and young talents such as Cristina Celestino, David Pompa, Sebastian Herkner and Ini Archibong.

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