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Knauf is a German multinational company, founded in 1932, established worldwide for the production of building materials. The company has established its leadership in the building industry through its innovative drywall systems and its line of plasters. Dry construction systems, including the recently launched Aquapanel® are chosen by designers and contractors for the construction of many buildings, often large ones, or for the restoration of historic buildings, as they are flexible and durable. Knauf has also developed a line of plaster and plasterboard ceiling panels. Research and innovation are the key points of Knauf's philosophy, not forgetting sensitivity to the environment and energy conservation. For this reason, Knauf has also developed a line of biocompatible products, which stand alongside insulation products, anti-deflection systems and more.

In Italy, the Knauf Group presides over its reference sector through Knauf Italia, founded in 1977 as the Italian logistics headquarters of the Iphofen-based company, and having two production plants one in Castellina Marittima (PI) and one in Gambassi Terme (FI), both in Tuscany. Knauf Italia is headquartered in one of its two production hubs, the one located at Via Livornese 20, 56040, Castellina Marittima, province of Pisa (Italy). Knauf Italia also has two multipurpose centers, one in Milan and one in Pisa, dedicated to the training of building professionals-i.e., the Knauf Laying Schools. Finally, in parallel with its manufacturing activities in the construction sector, the Knauf family created Campo alla Sughera, a winery in the village of Bolgheri, in 1998. Campo alla Sughera is a demonstration of the deep bond that unites Knauf Italia with its host territory, a bond made of passion for quality and daily commitment to excellence. ... More ... less

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