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Karakter is a Danish design brand specialising in the production of furniture, lighting, and interior objects. Founded on rebellious curiosity and a passion for the unique, Karakter is a bit out of the ordinary. Rooted in the proud Danish design tradition, but always maintaining an international outlook, Karakter presents a striking portfolio of furniture, lighting and objects from designers who have already written the history of design to those who are aspiring to write the future. All the designers collaborating with Karakter are curated for their ideas and creativity and shared by all of them is an inspiring level of curiosity and an uncompromising take on their work. Boasting both the relevant and honest, the beautiful, the playful and the expressive, all designs have a clear, undeniable character. Ready to spark curiosity and start conversations.
Aspiring to build an enduring legacy, Karakter works with contemporary designers such as Aldo Bakker and PlueerSmitt and presents works by the masters Bodil Kjær, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Paul McCobb, Joe Colombo and Angelo Mangiarotti. Each piece has a clear, undeniable expression, ensuring it pride of place in private homes and public spaces worldwide. ... More ... less

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